What are the differences between CloudMe and SecureSafe?

Let us understand the concepts of CloudMe and SecureSafe before learning the differences between them.


SecureSafe was launched by DSwiss AG in the year 2009 and is one of the file hosting services and cloud storage. It also provides password safe, document storage and digital spaces for online collaboration. It is based on the basis of principles of security by design and privacy by design. It offers 100 MB storage space for free and for paid users, it offers 100 GB storage space.


The features of SecureSafe are as follows −

  • Password manager

  • File storage

  • 2-factor authentication

  • Data rooms

  • Data inheritance


It was launched in the year 2011 by CloudMe AB. It offers cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. It supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS 10.4 and later, Linux, iOS, Android.  It helps in management of your business files in a better way. You can easily save files and also share files, and collaborate better. It also ensures adequate data protection and data backup.


The features of CloudMe are as follows −

  • Mobility

  • Security

  • Back-End Integration

  • Collaboration and Social

  • User Experience

  • Deployment

  • Content Management


The advantages of CloudMe are as follows −

  • We can easily download

  • It provides Music player with web applications

  • It support for the Android and the iOS

  • There are more sharing options


The disadvantages of CloudMe are as follows −

  • The data does not get encrypted with the server

  • Upload speed is very low.

  • Maximum storage limit of 500 GB based on the consumer plan


The major differences between CloudMe and SecureSafe are as follows −

CloudMe was launched in the year 2011 by CloudMe AB
It was launched by DSwiss AG in the year 2009
CloudMe offers free storage space of 3 GB.
It offers 100 MB storage space for free
CloudMe offers a maximum storage size of 500 GB.
The maximum storage capacity of SecureSafe is 100 GB.
CloudMe allows 150 MB maximum file size for free and unlimited for premium accounts.
SecureSafe maximum file size is 2 GB
CloudMe provide file hosting, file synchronization and cloud storage service
SecureSafe offers file synchronization and a file hosting service.
CloudMe supports file versioning rarely.
SecureSafe does not support file versioning.
CloudMe supports developer API
SecureSafe does not support developer API.
CloudMe does not offer data inheritance.
The data inheritance is offered by SecureSafe