What are the differences between BorgBase and Ubuntu One?

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Let us understand the concepts of BorgBase and Ubuntu One before learning the differences between them.


It is a secure tool which is used for offsite backups and acts as a specialized hosting service for Borgbackup. It was launched in the year 2010 by Borge Collective. It can back up any sensitive data which the users can use and are then kept encrypted at all times. Users have the option of choosing the data centers between the EU and North America as the backup location of their sensitive data.


The features of BorgBase are as follows −

  • Copy-paste commands
  • Templates for Borg and Borg-backed clients.
  • Supports a large community of developers.
  • Monitoring services to notify services.
  • Automated Storage.
  • Efficiently transfer data.
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Incremental Backup


The advantages of BorgBase are as follows −

  • Encryption
  • It supports freelancer, small, medium and large business.
  • Cloud Storage
  • Automated Storage
  • Compression Option
  • Web Access


The disadvantages of BorgBase are as follows −

  • It is not mobile compatible.
  • Backup scheduling is not possible
  • Remote access is not there

Ubuntu One

It provides a collection of software that consists of applications like file manager, PDF viewer, text editor, video player, and archiving utility by default. The system is launched by a UK based company called Canonical Ltd.


The features of Ubuntu One are as follows −

  • Backslashes are used in Ubuntu like /home/name.

  • Ubuntu doesn’t have drive letters.

  • Ubuntu applications don’t lock exclusive access to files as often.

  • Just as every mounted file system is a directory under / (the root directory), everything on Ubuntu is a file.

  • Ubuntu has open source apps mainly

  • Ubuntu is much cheaper

  • Ubuntu was designed with a multi user scenario.

  • Only the administrator or the root user has permission to access the kernel.

  • Flexible and scalable implementation is possible with Ubuntu.

  • For education, testing environment etc Ubuntu is better as this is cost effective at the same time as easy inclement.


The advantages of Ubuntu are as follows −

  • For computing it is a Free Operating System.
  • The software can easily be customized.
  • It is famous in Developing Unique Programs
  • Updates are simple
  • For Documentation it is a great option.
  • Ubuntu is more secure when compared to other operating systems
  • Launchpad Is Good.


The disadvantages of Ubuntu are as follows −

  • Experts can operate
  • Difficult To Migrate
  • Tough To Understand Operating
  • Functionalities are limited.
  • Hardware & Software Complications
  • Gaming purpose it is not good
  • Limited customer support.

The firewall options available for ubuntu are listed below

  • IPCop Firewall
  • Vuurmuur
  • IPfire
  • Endian
  • ConfigServer Security Firewall
  • pfSense
  • Shorewall


The major differences between BorgBase and Ubuntu One are as follows −

BorgBaseUbuntu One
BorgBase was launched in the year 2010 by Borg collective.Ubuntu One was launched in the year 2009 by Canonical Limited.
BorgBase offers 5 GB free storage space.Ubuntu One offers 5 GB free storage space.
BorgBase provides unlimited maximum storage space.Ubuntu offers unlimited storage space for the paid version.
BorgBase maximum file size is not restricted.Ubuntu One maximum file size was 5 GB per file.
BorgBase has no band-width limitUbuntu One had a band-width limit.
BorgBase is still in use.Ubuntu One was suspended in the year 2014.
BorgBase provides file hosting and cloud storage service.Ubuntu One provides file hosting, file synchronization and cloud storage service.
BorgBase has append-only supportUbuntu One does not provide append only support.
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