What are the differences between Backblaze B2 and Wasabi?

Let us understand the concepts of Backblaze B2 and Wasabi before learning the differences between them.

Backblaze B2

It is one of the cloud storage services used for storing files in the cloud. It was launched in the year 2015 by Backblaze Incorporation. The files that are available in Backblaze can be downloaded at any time, by using APIs or a browser-compatible URL.

It is simple, reliable, affordable object storage. Every account gets 10 GB of free storage, unlimited free uploads, and 1 GB of free downloads every day. There are no hidden fees.


The features of Backblaze B2 are as follows −

  • Upload, download, and delete files.
  • It creates and manage the buckets which hold files.
  • Manage the configuration of your account.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Plug and play.
  • Readily Accessible.
  • Cost effective


The advantages of Backblaze B2 are as follows −

  • Unbeatable price
  • High durability
  • Per day the first 1 GB of downloads is free.
  • It is providing a command-line tool called B2 for uploading/downloading.
  • Runs constantly in the background
  • Customer Service


The disadvantages of Backblaze B2 are as follows −

  • It doesn’t have extensive documentation.
  • File organization is a little confusing.
  • Technical Support is not there.
  • Notifications of issues are not good.


Wasabi is a hot cloud storage company. It delivers fast, low-cost and reliable cloud storage. Generally, the Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is 1/5 the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for API requests.

Wasabi Cloud Storage where one size fits all cloud objects storage service which satisfies all storage performance requirements. Generally the Hot cloud storage costs less than cold storage service and is faster than traditional frequent-access storage services.


The applications of Wasabi are as follows −

  • Web and mobile apps
  • Agile development and testing
  • Big data and analytics
  • Commercial software


The features of Wasabi are as follows −

  • Ultra-low-cost pricing.
  • Industry-leading performance.
  • Extreme data durability.
  • Comprehensive access controls and data encryption.
  • Amazon S3-compatible API.
  • Intuitive browser-based interface.


The advantages of Wasabi are as follows −

  • No equipment to buy or manage
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Inherent resiliency and data integrity
  • Easy to use and administer
  • No vendor lock-in


The disadvantages of Wasabi are as follows −

  • Only one data centre.
  • There is no ecosystem surrounding.
  • The amount we need to pay for uploading 1TB or 1KB is the same.


The major differences between Backblaze B2 and Wasabi are as follows −

Backblaze B2Wasabi
Backblaze B2 was launched in the year 2015 by Backblaze Incorporation.Wasabi is owned by Wasabi incorporation in 2017
Backblaze B2 offers free storage space of 10 GB.Wasabi does not offer free storage space
Backblaze B2 offers unlimited maximum storage size.Wasabi provides unlimited storage space..
Backblaze B2 maximum file size is not restricted.The maximum file size is not restricted in Wasabi.
Backblaze B2 supports file versioning.Wasabi does not support file versioning
Backblaze B2 has no band-width limitWasabi provides file hosting service and cloud storage service.
Backblaze files are not locally encrypted.In Wasabi files stored are encrypted.
Backblaze provides more securityWasabi provides less security of data.
Backblaze B2 provides free as well as paid storage space.Wasabi provides only paid storage space.

Updated on: 25-Mar-2022


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