What are the differences between Amazon S3 and Yandex Disk?

Let us understand the concepts of Amazon S3 and Yandex Disk before learning the differences between them.

Amazon S3

It is a database service offered by the Amazon Company as a repository for the internet. It provides quick access to data objects along with their storage along with security, performance reliability and at economical prices. S3 is a Simple Storage Service.


The features of Amazon S3 are as follows −

  • In order to access S3 Storage you need to have an AWS account.

  • It offers a pay per use model where you need to pay for only the storage space which you have actually used.

  • It can be used to store many kinds of data objects like text files, excel csv files along with images and snapshots (backup copies) of the data volumes.

  • You may use it for recovering data quickly and reliably in case of application failures.


The advantages of Amazon S3 are as follows −

  • Extensive documentation

  • Offering SDKs for many programming languages 

  • Stability and peace of mind

  • Reasonable prices

  • Different storage classes for each necessity

  • High durability

  • Amazon S3 can easily integrate with other AWS products 

  • It is going to offer many regions to store your data

  • Allows simple server-side encryption 

  • new users can receive 5 GB free storage every month during the first year


The disadvantages of Amazon S3 are as follows −

  • They require the AWS Support Plan that billed separately 

  • Downloading data it’s a bit expensive

  • It requires configuring additional AWS services like IAM

  • It has a complex pricing schema

The different storage classes that Amazon S3 offers are as follows −

  • S3 Standard

  • S3 Standard-IA and S3 One Zone-IA

  • S3 Glacier

Yandex Disk

Yandex is a Russian company which is famous for its Yandex search engine. It is one of the biggest technology companies which provide various kinds of products and services. It is also popular for owning Russia's most significant search engines and also contributes to various other technologies and internet-related things.

Yandex Disk is provided by Yandex a Russian company which is used as a cloud storage, file synchronization and file sharing service. It allows users to store the files on cloud and enable them to share the files with everything online.

It was launched in the year 2012. The free storage space offered by Yandex Disk is 10 GB and also for paid it offers a limited maximum storage space. The maximum storage space it offers is 1024 GB.


The features of Yandex Disk are as follows −

  • E-Commerce

  • App analytics

  • Music streaming

  • Smart home technology

  • Yandex Browser

  • A voice assistant

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Online advertising

  • App analytics

  • Data management

  • Self-driving cars

  • Maps via Yandex. Maps

  • E-mail services via Yandex.


The advantages of Yandex Disk are as follows −

  • Decent pricing plans

  • Office Online

  • Online-only files

  • User experience


The disadvantages of Yandex Disk are as follows −

  • No content control options

  • Weak security

  • Russian privacy laws

  • Not zero-knowledge


The major differences between Amazon S3 and Yandex disk are as follows −

Amazon S3
Yandex disk
Amazon S3 was launched by Amazon in the year 2006.
It was launched by Yandex a Russian Company in the year 2012.
Amazon S3 does not offer free storage space.
It offers up to 20 GB free storage space
Amazon S3 provides unlimited maximum storage space.
Yandex maximum storage size is 1024 GB for paid.
Amazon S3 supports Developer API REST and SOAP.
Yandex's Developer API is REST and SDK.
Amazon S3 provides file hosting service and cloud storage service.
Yandex offers a cloud storage service and a file hosting service.
The maximum file size of Amazon S3 is 5GB per file.
Yandex supports maximum file size 2GB through the web and 50 Gb upload through the application.
Amazon S3 has a band-width limit.
Yandex band width limit consists of 200% storage per day.
Amazon S3 requires credit-card details for free service.
Yandex does not require credit-card details for free services.
Amazon S3 supports file versioning.
Yandex does not support file versioning.

Updated on: 21-Mar-2022


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