What are the differences between Amazon S3 and Mega?

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Let us understand the concepts of Amazon S3 and Mega before learning the differences between them.

Amazon S3

It is a database service offered by the Amazon Company as a repository for the internet. It provides quick access to data objects along with their storage along with security, performance reliability and at economical prices. S3 is a Simple Storage Service.


The features of Amazon S3 are as follows −

  • In order to access S3 Storage you need to have an AWS account.

  • It offers a pay per use model where you need to pay for only the storage space which you have actually used.

  • It can be used to store many kinds of data objects like text files, excel csv files along with images and snapshots (backup copies) of the data volumes.

  • You may use it for recovering data quickly and reliably in case of application failures.


The advantages of Amazon S3 are as follows −

  • Extensive documentation

  • Offering SDKs for many programming languages

  • Stability and peace of mind

  • Reasonable prices

  • Different storage classes for each necessity

  • High durability

  • Amazon S3 can easily integrate with other AWS products

  • It is going to offer many regions to store your data

  • Allows simple server-side encryption

  • New users can receive 5 GB free storage every month during the first year


The disadvantages of Amazon S3 are as follows −

  • They require the AWS Support Plan that billed separately

  • Downloading data it’s a bit expensive

  • It requires configuring additional AWS services like IAM

  • It has a complex pricing schema

The different storage classes that Amazon S3 offers are as follows −

  • S3 Standard

  • S3 Standard-IA and S3 One Zone-IA

  • S3 Glacier


Mega is a cloud storage and file hosting service developed by MEGA Ltd in the year 2013. It was written by using the languages C++, java script, java and C. The Mega services offered by using web based apps.

It was the largest free cloud storage across the world with 20 GB storage allocation for free accounts. Mega supports Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Browser extension operating systems. It provides Cloud storage, File hosting service and Remote backup service.


The features of Mega are as fol −

  • MEGA provides large cloud storage space

  • Download files using links without sign up

  • File management, even on mobile devices

  • It was designed with user-controlled end-to-end encryption

  • Backup your Recovery Key

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Share your files anytime, anywhere

  • Easy communications with the team

  • Keep Your Chat Private and Safe

  • History Retention Control

  • Photo, file and location sharing instantly


The advantages of Mega are as follows −

  • Zero-knowledge encryption

  • Encrypted sharing links

  • Plenty of free storage

  • Previews for media & documents


The disadvantages of Mega are as follows −

  • High prices for paid plans

  • Not good for collaboration

  • Poor customer support

  • User experience could be better


The major differences between Amazon S3 and Mega are as follows −

Amazon S3
Amazon S3 was launched by Amazon in the year 2006.
Mega is owned by Mega Limited in the year 2013.
Amazon S3 does not offer free storage space.
Mega offers 15 GB free storage .
Amazon S3 provides unlimited maximum storage space for paid.
Mega provides limited storage for the paid version.
Amazon S3 provides file hosting service and cloud storage service.
Mega provides file hosting service, file synchronization service, and cloud storage service.
The maximum file size of Amazon S3 is 5GB per file.
The maximum file size in Mega is equal to cloud drive space.
Amazon S3 has a band-width limit.
Mega has a band-width limit of 10 GB for free and 96 TB for paid every month.
Amazon S3 requires credit-card details for free service.
Mega does not require credit-card details for free service.
Amazon S3 supports file versioning.
Mega supports file versioning.
Amazon S3 has a developer API.
Mega is supports Developer API.
It provides unlimited storage size.
Mega has a maximum storage size of 16TB.
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