What are the Biometric techniques used for identification?

There are several techniques of biometric which are as follows −

Face Recognition − The biometric system can recognize a person by the face. This technology services by analyzing particular traits in the face including the distance among the eyes, width of the nose, position of cheekbones, jaw line, chin, unique shape, pattern etc. These systems involves dimensions of the eyes, nose, mouth, and other facial characteristics for identification.

Face recognition captures traits of a face either from video or still image and transforms unique traits of a face into a group of numbers. These data assembled from the face are combined in a single unit that uniquely identifies each person.

Hand Geometry − Hand geometry is an approach that captures the physical traits of a user hand and fingers. It examines finger image ridge endings, branches develop by ridges. These systems gauge and data the length, width, thickness, and surface area of a single hand. It is accessed in applications such as access control and time and attendance etc. It is simple to use, relatively not costly and widely accepted.

Eye Recognition − This approach involves scanning of retina and iris in eye. Retina scan approach maps the capillary design of the retina, a thin nerve on the back of the eye. A retina scan gauges design at over 400 points. It determines the iris of the eye, which is the colored ring of tissue that surrounds the pupil of the eye. This is a mature technology with a proven track data in a multiple application areas.

Voice Biometrics − Voice biometrics, accesses the person’s voice to test or identify the person. It confirms and recognizes the speaker. A microphone on a standard PC with software is required to examine the unique traits of the person. It is generally used in telephone-based applications. Voice verification is easy to use and does not require a big deal of user education.

Keystroke − This technique based on the fact that each person has its own keyboardmelody, which is determined when the user types. It gauges the time taken by a user in clicking a specific key or viewing for a specific key.

There are some biometric techniques are as follows −

  • Nail identification − It can be used to analyses the tracks in the nails.

  • DNA patterns − It is a very expensive technique and it takes a long time for verification/ identification of a person.

  • Sweat pore analysis − It can be used to analyses the way pores on a finger are located.

  • Ear recognition − It can be used to shape and size of an ear are unique for every person.

  • Odour detection − Person is verified or identified by their smell.

  • Walking recognition − It analyses the way the person walks.

Updated on: 04-Mar-2022


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