What are the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones?

Smartphones are the friendly gadgets which have made everything reachable through a touch. They have occupied such a huge place in our daily lives that it is no wonder that for most of us, a smartphone is the first thing we look at in the morning and it is the last thing we see before going to bed.

Now, there will certainly be some advantages and a few disadvantages while using any electronic gadget. Let’s observe them:


  • Keep your loved ones in touch, either through calls, text or images, .which express the feeling in a sweet and amusing way.

  • You may know where you are and find easy ways and routes to go anywhere, especially in an unknown place.

  • You can make the world listen to your voice in a touch.

  • You can spend your time wisely reading the news or doing some official work.

  • Can entertain yourself with games, music or movies.

  • Can always be available socially.

  • Can avail the Customer service offers to be easily accessible.

  • Food and groceries can be ordered online.

  • Email and Banking become easy.

  • Endless apps are available to make your dreams come true.


  • The electromagnetic radiation will be high because of the heavy internet usage and might lead to health problems such as a brain tumor and Skin Cancer.

  • The HEV light emitted from the screen of a smartphone leads to severe eye-strain during long-time use and would slowly damage the retina.

  • Even many psychological issues such as loneliness, being suspicious all the time, feeling self-centered etc. are caused by using a smartphone and being online, for most of the time.

  • Spending most of the time on your phone creates neck problems and sleep deprivation.

  • Exposure to unwanted things on the internet affects a child’s growth mentally and even physically.

  • As too much of anything is good for nothing, depending on a smartphone for everything makes you addicted.

  • Being online for most of the time keeps you away from having real experiences and having real friends, to share your mind.

  • Having checked all the time for online security, you start losing trust in people around you.

  • Forwarding the messages and sharing the videos online regarding humanity, one might forget the real meaning behind it.

  • With all these things around, the family life gets affected.

  • Few of them get really addicted that they text or watch videos while on roads and talk on the phone while driving, which causes serious trouble as being busy makes you react slow.

  • Chances of losing money due to fraudulence on the internet.

  • Usage of Apps by not having complete awareness might lead to the leakage of personal information, which could be really dangerous.

  • With every emerging new model, there come new features which are really tempting to use and you may get into the crazy whirlpool of going for new models always.

However, there are two sides of a coin. No harm can be caused by anything if you do not get indulged into it blindly. Wiseness lies where you take the positive and helpful aspects of anything and leave the negative and unnecessary attachment to that. One should be careful and should not get involved completely into something. Hence, being aware of the pros and cons and having self-control could save you from many disasters, which is really necessary.