What are the advantages and disadvantages of Antivirus?

Antivirus software is a program that operates against virus protection. It can find or perceive the virus, and afterward, subsequent to discovering the nearness of the virus, it operates on expelling it from the computer system. Antivirus software operates as a prophylactic with the objective that it takes out a virus and keeps any potential virus from infecting your computer in the future.

Antivirus software is one of the important levels of our internet security, be it on our PC or mobile devices. It is becoming important to have trustworthy protection on our smartphones, because it can do so much through them, from paying the bills to accessing our social media accounts.

Therefore, it can simply say that having a good antivirus program is one of the most important things to have on any form of technology that is linked to the internet.

Advantages of Antivirus

The advantages of antivirus which are as follows −

  • Real-time protection − AVG antivirus system is one of the best antivirus software in the globe, and it supports real-time protection to your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

  • Protects from spyware − The antivirus software can also protect the computer from spyware and integrity theft. Spyware is a type of software designed to affect your computer, spy on you, and keep all your data saved inside your computers such as financial information, important personal documents, and pictures.

  • Malware Deletion − Most anti-virus programs, including McAfee or AVG, run scans on your computer and all of its available hard drives to identify possible malware files, and then attempt to remove them. These programs may have other tools such as virus prevention, anti-spyware protection, and e-mail scanning. Anti-virus programs also can be automated to run at definite times, on particular days, and can be set to automatically find and install upgrades and representations.

Disadvantages of Antivirus

The disadvantages of antivirus are as follows −

  • Limited detection techniques − AVG doesn’t operate in all detection approaches. However, a virus scanner is an efficient technique to identify a virus but if a powerful virus hides inside a file or folder AVG is incompetent to identify it.

  • Minimum protection − This specific antivirus system is not adequate for your PC or laptop. It can neglect such viruses, an internet firewall is required. It avoids spyware, malware, and viruses from attack.

  • Security holes − There are various security holes in the operating framework and networking software provides the viruses another entry point that avoids the antivirus software. The Anti-virus software is deeply effective if it is kept updated.

Updated on: 17-Nov-2021

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