What are the 42 mobile apps China is allegedly using to spy on the Indian forces?

The IB (Intelligence Bureau) which is the premier intelligence services department of the Government of India has identified a number of mobile apps including many that are developed by Chinese companies. Here's a list of 28 apps that the Digital IT Cell of the Government of India has identified as spyware and malware - Weibo, Wechat, Shareit, Truecaller, UC News, UC Browser, Beautiplus, Newsdog, Viva Video - Qu Video Inc, Parallel Space, Apus Browser, Perfect Corp, Virus Cleaner - Hi Security Lab, CM Browser, MI Community, DU Recorder, Vault Hide - NQ Mobile Security, Youcam Makeup, MI Store, Cachecleaner DU App Studio, DU Battery Saver, DU Cleaner, DU Privacy, 360 Security, DU Browser, Clean Master - Cheetah Mobile, Baidu Translate, Baidu Map.

The advisory from IB specifically suggested that the security personnel stationed on the LAC (Line of Actual Control) which is actually the Indo-Tibetan border, to delete any or all of these apps if they are installed on their phones and then format their phones completely. There is no reason to be too alarmed by this report because it is our fault if we have dealt with the Chinese with our eyes closed. Chinese attitude toward other countries is too well known to be ignored by alert and rational people especially those in the security forces operating in the Indo-Tibetan border. It really doesn't need anything more than simple common sense to understand that.

As for the government of India, it has allowed the Chinese phone manufacturers to continue operations in the country despite credible evidence of misconduct by these companies in endangering the national security of India. That's a great show of confidence in democracy and liberty by the Indian authorities who are giving the impression that they have things in control and any malicious activity of Chinese or any foreign phone makers as well as app developers won't be allowed to get far enough to endanger national security in any way.