What are some social media terms I need to know now?

  • Chatbots − Little bots can answer questions and give information based on queries in natural written language. It is also possible to place orders with them. Many companies already use chatbots. Among them are Uber, Sephora, KLM, and Whole Foods.

  • Microblogging − Short message postings from a social media account. Facebook statuses and Twitter posts are two examples.

  • Tweeps − Twitter + People = Tweople. Twitterati is also used for Twitter users.

  • Meme − A means of taking viral concepts and making them everyday lingo.

  • User-Generated-Content (UGC) − An article describes UGC as being Latin for "crap" which is, quite frankly, well-put. UGC is anything published online by the Average Joe.

  • Mashup − The term mashup was borrowed from the music industry and was used to describe the mixing of two more songs to create a new track. Similarly, in the social sphere, a mashup is slang for Web-based applications that combine at least two different existing websites.

  • Synergy − Teamwork between companies online.

  • Web 2.0 − Refers to the second generation of the Web which means people now blog and creates websites without needing specialized technical knowledge and training.

  • Link Bait − Designed to attract incoming links. News and widget hooks are good examples.

  • Crowdsourcing − Crowdsourcing is an innovative way of organizing jobs and workers. Crowdsourcing uses an Internet task market, usually called a crowdsourcing platform, to connect workers to jobs. It enables those workers to take the kinds of jobs that they like and to complete those jobs when and where they want.