What are some signs to figure out you've nailed the interview?

After we come out of the Interview room, we definitely will have one of the feelings either you have nailed it or completely bombed it. The curiosity kills you till the results are out. But there are some telltale signs that can help you figure out whether the job offer is coming your way or not.

  • Nodding and Smiling − You will get hints from the body language of the interviewer. If he is smiling and nodding a lot, that means he is agreeing to and enjoying your answers. It shows he is listening intently and genuinely interested in your answers. That is a positive sign.

  • Personal Questions − If they ask you a lot of questions about your family, personal goals, and hobbies, you can sense that they are seriously considering you. It demonstrates their interest in you beyond the professional resume.

  • The interviewer talks more about the company − After some point in time, the interviewer may start selling his company. That is a very good sign because it implies that they are impressed and wants to offer you the job. They do this for you to accept their job in case you have some other job offers on hand.

  • The second round − If the interviewer gives you a specific time of your second round of interview, you can be sure that you cracked the interview.

  • Talk about Pay and Perks − If the interviewer talks about pay, perks, benefits, and policies you can think positively about that job. The serious discussion about pay and perks indicate good chances of being selected for the job.