What are some of the unwritten social rules that everybody should follow?

Being in a society, you have the responsibility of following some etiquette. These, when followed, makes you a better person as viewed by the society and also help you develop some self-discipline as well.

When you are in a group or being associated with a group, you will carry some responsibilities such as

  • Being polite and using words such as Please, Sorry and Thank you will please the people around you and makes a good impression.

  • Behaving gently and speaking in a normal voice but not loudly.

  • Using your own things and sticking to your boundaries.

  • Asking for permission, if you have to use other's things.

  • Keeping yourself and your surroundings clean and tidy.

  • Following the rules that imply at certain places.

When you are at someone’s place, you certainly have some basic responsibilities such as

  • Seeking permission before using their things.

  • Replacing the things used, like re-filling used diesel in a car etc.

  • Apologizing for any inconvenience caused.

  • Following some basic things like making your bed and not littering.

  • Being in your limits and not interfering with all their personal issues.

When you are being alone, but in a Public place like on a road, in traffic or in a park. You are bound to some social rules such as

  • Never litter the place. Use dustbins.

  • Don’t disturb others unnecessarily.

  • While driving doesn't honk without need.

  • Follow the rules of the road or that place.

  • Never tease anyone and Keep your attitude to yourself.

Actually, when observed, as a rule, every movement has to be cautious. But when added with some common sense, these social rules become our habit. A Person is made by the society where its impact reflects in his behavior. Hence such social rules are really important to live a happy and peaceful life together and also help to make us better human beings.