What are Some Alternatives to Salesforce.com for CRM?

Salesforce is a business and commerce system for customer relationship management (CRM). "Web-based CRM for sales, service, marketing, and call center operations that lets users manage client relationships and customer satisfaction" is how it is described. More than a hundred other systems can be used instead of Salesforce.

Many services, such as email marketing platforms and survey builders, could be used instead of Salesforce. Use these to narrow your search if you're looking for a few possible solutions or a specific Salesforce feature.

Top 5 Alternatives to Salesforce.com for CRM


People who have never used Pipedrive before will find it useful because it works immediately as a fully functional CRM. It has chatbots that can collect leads on your website, easy-to-customize dashboards that show the status of deals at any point in the sales funnel, an activities and goals feature that lets you set tasks based on your business needs, and a lot more.


  • Offer useful tools at fair prices.

  • You should get as many leads as you can and sell as many as you can.

  • There are no limits on sales pipelines, data storage, or artificial intelligence, and you have full access to all of the platform's basic features. This means you can grow your business without having to hold it back.

  • Help your business grow by adapting customer relationship management to your specific needs.

  • Offer a Kanban-style pipeline, help with all plans around the clock, and smart workflow automation to eliminate boring tasks and boost sales.

  • Make training easy to find, make things easier for users, and grow smartly.


By using this, your sales staff can see how your company is doing in terms of sales. Get a customized dashboard that puts all your sales-related data in one place.

In particular, the technology is great at speeding up the closing of agreements by automating important sales procedures. This saves both the time and money of businesses.


  • Make changes to the program to fit the way your company sells.

  • Help the sales team by automating tasks that are often done but are still important.

  • Take charge of more than one channel at the same time.

  • Set it up so that leads go straight to the salespeople who can get the best deal with them.

  • Monday will keep track of your conversations with clients and make it easy to stay in touch with them.

  • Build from scratch a real-time sales dashboard that can be fully customized.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a great choice if you want a web-based platform that can be accessed from mobile devices and set up quickly.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system runs in the cloud and brings together your sales, marketing, and customer support efforts. The developer version of Zoho CRM, online and mobile SDKs, comes with a full set of developer tools, such as REST API and a collection of reports that work within your limits.


  • The plan prices are much lower than those of Salesforce, which makes it a better choice.

  • Small businesses can get a low-cost option that does everything.

  • Zoho CRM is a good choice for new users because you can make your version that fits your needs.

  • Companies that don't have their own IT staff might like how easy it is to set up and keep up.

  • Zoho's business edition is 90% less expensive than Salesforce's.

  • Provides alternative monthly billing options to annual billing.

HubSpot Sales

It's easy to use and powerful, with features like CPQ tools, conversational intelligence, bespoke objects, and sales analytics. It helps your employees work more efficiently, brings in more money, and gives you more time. Because of this, it is easier to increase the number of leads in the pipeline, keep track of open transactions, and find new leads.


  • HubSpot Sales is flexible enough to adapt to your company's specific needs so that you can work smoothly with your sales staff.

  • Time can be saved by turning successful emails into templates.

  • Give users a choice to sync in both directions to easily keep track of important events like calls, meetings, emails, and more.

  • Live chats should be sent to the right sales rep.

  • Use Predictive Lead Scoring and see for yourself how it works.

  • You should make reports and dashboards showing this information so sales representatives can see key indicators.


Because it has intelligence built-in, you can see more about your sales funnel and how well your sales force is doing.

It has tools for keeping prospects and leads interested, managing the sales funnel, automating sales sequences, and more. When we look at Salesmate and Salesforce side by side, we see that both are great options for sales reporting. But Salesmate makes up for what Salesforce is missing with its power dialer and other calling features. With Salesforce's connectors, you can access all of its features.

Salesmate has many extra features, like sales sequences and a group inbox.


  • Thanks to Sales mate's built-in calling and texting features, you won't need any other calling software.

  • Since the system has a mobile app, it can be used anywhere.

  • You'll get great help from real people whether you call, email, or use live chat.

  • As such, it offers protection suitable for large organizations.


Small businesses are always looking for ways to save money, and sometimes they can't figure out how to use Salesforce's many functions. Small businesses are often unhappy with Salesforce because its customer service staff isn't there when the businesses need them.

We have made a list of alternatives for these smaller businesses looking for a less expensive option.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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