What are Sessions in Postman?

A session is a temporary fold that holds values of variables. They can be utilized for an existing instance and their scope is local. We can update the session variable value for the purpose of sharing workspace.

With Postman, we can have the provision for local session sharing. Though a Collection is sharable among teams, their sessions are not. Tokens have to be generated while a task is being by more than one team simultaneosuly.

A session gives a local scope to a user within his Workspace and any changes he commits does not impact the server. A session is capable of storing an Environment, Global variable, and so on.

We can assign current values to Collection, Global and Environment variables. To assign a current value to the Collection, click on the three dots appearing to the right of the name of the Collection, then click on the Edit button.

EDIT COLLECTION dialogue-box opens, navigate to the Variables tab.

The CURRENT VALUE is local to the user and not synchronized with the server of Postman. We can also update the INITIAL VALUE with CURRENT VALUE. The INITIAL VALUE gets affected provided Persist All is applied on a variable. Then it is synced with the Postman server.