What are Cookies?

A cookie is a part of data from a website that is saved inside a web browser that the website can fetch at a later time. Cookies are used to communicate the server that users have restored to a specific website. When users restore to a website, a cookie provides data and enables the site to show selected settings and targeted content.

Cookies also store data including shopping cart contents, registration or login credentials, and client preferences. This is completed so that when users revisit sites, any data that was supported in an earlier session or any set preferences can be simply retrieved.

Organizers use cookies to track customer activity across sites so they can superior target ads. While this specific practice is generally offered to support a more personalized customer experience, some people also view this as a privacy issue.

Types of Cookies

There are various types of cookies which are as follows −

Session cookies

Session cookies are also defined as temporary cookies. They are generated for an individual session and disappear once it can close the browser. They are first-party cookies and all the management authority concerning session cookies deception with the website and the user can’t ruin session cookies from its browser. Session cookies are used by administration websites and online banks. They maintain track of your browsing session while you actively operate the site. Once you close the browser, the cookies will automatically terminate. This avoids some malicious users from calling those websites later using your stored session data.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are referred to as marketing or tracking cookies. These are the cookies fixed by third-party websites. For instance, advertisements and banners displayed on a website you stay on are generally shown by a third party.

These third parties store cookies on your computer to be able to collect as much information about you as possible to be able to display more relevant ads. This can consist of your search queries, behaviours, interests, etc.

Persistent cookie

Persistent cookies are saved for a definite length of time. These cookies continue on your device just before they expire or are eliminated. Persistent cookies are referred to as tracking cookies because they can assemble user data such as browsing habits and options.


Supercookies are equivalent to session cookies. They also mark the user behavior and browsing history. Supercookies are also saved in multiple places than standard cookies. This creates detecting and eliminating them more complex for the normal user. Supercookies are referred to as "zombie cookies" or "ever cookies."