Welding Safety Accessories and Equipment

Welding is a skilled work and at the same time it is risky and requires safety equipment and accessories to safeguard the welder. Welders use various types of welding equipment accessories for protection and safety, which we are going to explain in this article.

Welding Gloves

The gloves are used for the protection of the welder’s hands and arms.

  • The material used for making the gloves is a good quality thick rubber which is more flexible for hand movements.

  • There are two types of gloves used in welding work viz.: Gauntlet type gloves and Tig type gloves.

  • Tig type gloves are of high weight and designed for Healy arc and they give better feel for manipulating the tig-torch and adding filler wire.

Do not use damp or wet gloves. Replace the gloves if holes are developed on them.

Welding Helmet

The welding helmet protects the welder’s face and head from ultraviolet and infrared rays of welding arc while allowing the welder to view the molten weld pool or puddle.

  • There are various types of helmets used for welding work such as: Flip front; Auto darken lens; Wide lens.

  • The auto darken helmet has a lens that is clear to allow the welder to see the joint before striking the arc. When the arc is struck, the lens darkens to normal view of the welding pool and puddle.

Welding Glasses

The welding glasses are the safety glasses used for protection of eyes while welding a job.

  • The welding glasses or safety glasses protect the eyes from intense ultraviolet and infrared rays of the welding arc.

  • These glasses have side-shields to protect the corners of the eyes when welders are working very close to the job.

  • The people working around the welder should also wear these glasses for eye protection.

Welding Jacket

Jackets used by the welders are made of soft leather.

  • These jackets cover the middle portion of the body from neck to waist.

  • The safety jackets are used to protect the upper body and neck from sparks and hot metal globules.

  • A light jacket made of fire resistant material also can be used in welding shops while welding. These jackets have full sleeves.

Welding Cap

The welding cap protects the head of welder from sparks flying over the welding helmet and also protects from falling sparks while welding overhead.


A pair plier is required to handle the hot metal and hot weld coupon. If pliers are not used, then hands may burn and also the life of gloves is reduced. Types of pliers used are: Slip joint plier and Locking plier.

Slag Hammer

The slag hammer is also known as chipping hammer. This hammer is used for removing the slag from the completed stick welds. The slag hammer is shaped on both sides. At one side, it is chisel like shaped and on the other side it is pointed shaped.

Wire Brush

The wire brushes in welding job are required for −

  • Cleaning the weld layers, and

  • Cleaning the completed weld.

The wire brushes are of two types: (a) Regular wire brush and (b) Slag-hammer and wire-brush combination.

Updated on: 27-Apr-2022


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