VSAM - File Status


While working with VSAM datasets you may encounter abends. Following are the common file status codes with their description which will help you to resolve the issues −

Code Description
00 Operation completed successfully
02 Non-Unique Alternate Index duplicate key found
04 Invalid fixed length record
05 While performing OPEN File and file is not present
10 End of File encountered
14 Attempted to READ a relative record outside file boundary
20 Invalid Key for VSAM KSDS or RRDS
21 Sequence error while performing WRITE or changing key on REWRITE
22 Primary duplicate Key found
23 Record not found or File not found
24 Key outside boundary of file
30 Permanent I/O Error
34 Record outside file boundary
35 While performing OPEN File and file is not present
37 OPEN file with wrong mode
38 Tried to OPEN a Locked file
39 OPEN failed because of conflicting file attributes
41 Tried to OPEN a file that is already open
42 Tried to CLOSE a file that is not OPEN
43 Tried to REWRITE without READing a record first
44 Tried to REWRITE a record of a different length
46 Tried to READ beyond End-of-file
47 Tried to READ from a file that was not opened I-O or INPUT
48 Tried to WRITE to a file that was not opened I-O or OUTPUT
49 Tried to DELETE or REWRITE to a file that was not opened I-O
91 Password or authorization failed
92 Logic Error
93 Resources are not available
94 Sequential record unavailable or concurrent OPEN error
95 File Information invalid or incomplete
96 No DD statement for the file
97 OPEN successful and file integrity verified
98 File is Locked - OPEN failed
99 Record Locked - Record access failed