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Suppose we have an expression. The expression has some parentheses; we have to check the parentheses are balanced or not. The order of the parentheses are (), {} and []. Suppose there are two strings. “()[(){()}]” this is valid, but “{[}]” is invalid.

The task is simple; we will use the stack to do this. We should follow these steps to get the solution −

  • Traverse through the expression until it has exhausted

    • if the current character is opening bracket like (, { or [, then push into stack

    • if the current character is closing bracket like ), } or ], then pop from stack, and check whether the popped bracket is corresponding starting bracket of the current character, then it is fine, otherwise, that is not balanced.

  • After the string is exhausted, if there are some starting bracket left into the stack, then the string is not balanced.


 Live Demo

#include <iostream>
#include <stack>
using namespace std;
bool isBalancedExp(string exp) {
   stack<char> stk;
   char x;
   for (int i=0; i<exp.length(); i++) {
      if (exp[i]=='('||exp[i]=='['||exp[i]=='{') {
      if (stk.empty())
         return false;
      switch (exp[i]) {
      case ')':
         x =;
         if (x=='{' || x=='[')
            return false;
      case '}':
         x =;
         if (x=='(' || x=='[')
            return false;
      case ']':
         x =;
         if (x =='(' || x == '{')
            return false;
   return (stk.empty());
int main() {
   string expresion = "()[(){()}]";
   if (isBalancedExp(expresion))
      cout << "This is Balanced Expression";
      cout << "This is Not Balanced Expression";




This is Balanced Expression
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