Uses of canned responses on gmail

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No drought, Gmail provides beautiful templates. But, are you tired of selecting the same template for typing, sending and by seeing the same emails every day?

Every day, you know what kind of canned reply goes to whom, e.g. a thanking note every day goes to the candidate apply for a job opening. In this case, CC and BCC does not work.

Canned response: If you type and send same message every day, canned response takes care of that. You just have to introduce your canned response and adjust the email to personalize it accordingly.

Deliver the same message multiple times

Change your settings to save your pre-set message. To do so,

In Settings, go to the Labs tab located on the top bar.

Scroll down until you see Canned Responses. To Canned Responses make it Enable and then click on Save changes button to make all changes.

If, you composed a message and thinking to use in the future multiple times, save that message. In the Composed New Message Window, just go down and click on the down arrow (More Option) will open menu bar with many options with “Canned Responses → New Canned Response”.

When you click on the “New Canned Response”, a window will open to enter new canned response name, type the name and click OK.

After all above settings, any time whenever you want, you can send the same mail to the desired people. To do so, choose Canned Responses from the menu in your compose window.

Choose the response from there, selected message will appear in the compose window.

For any reason, if you need to change a canned response, attach it into the composition box, change wherever change is required, and then choose the name of the canned response under “Save” in the “Canned responses” drop-down. Message will come from Gmail that are you sure you want to save over your canned response. Press OK to save the same changes.


Canned response, a very useful feature of Gmail, sends the same response every time to the desired recipient in very less time. Use it whenever required, sends the correct response in correct form.

Updated on 07-Jul-2020 08:56:17