Upgrading MySQL with the MySQL SLES Repository

MySQL can be upgraded using MySQL SLES repository. Let us see the steps required for this upgradation. By default, the MySQL SLES repository updates MySQL to the latest version in the release series that the user would have chosen during installation

To update to a different release series, the subrepository for the series that has been selected needs to be disabled. It is suggested to upgrade from one series to the next, instead of skipping a series. Inplace downgrading of MySQL is not supported while using MySQL SLES repository.

Upgrade MySQL

Upgrade MySQL and its components using the below command −

shell> sudo zypper update mysql-community-server

Otherwise, MySQL can be updated by indicating Zypper to update everything on the user’s system. This make take more time. It can be done using the below command −

shell> sudo zypper update

The MySQL Server restarts after an update by Zypper. Before MySQL 8.0.16, run ‘mysql_upgrade’ after the server has restarted. This will check and resolve any incompatibilities between the old data and the upgraded software

List Packages from SLES repository

A specific component can be upgraded as well. First, list the installed packages from the MySQL SLES repository using the below command.

shell> zypper packages −i | grep mysql−.*community

Once the name of the package of the component required has been chosen, the package can be updated using the below command −

shell> sudo zypper update package-name