Top skills that would be handy before taking up a technical role

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Getting through all the tedious interview rounds of big tech giants for internships and jobs is in itself a big task. But once you clear the interview rounds and secure a job or an internship, the journey does not end there. In fact, this will be the time you need to upskill yourself in order to keep up with the pace of shift in technological stacks that the tech industry goes through

In this article, we will be discussing top skills that would be very handy if you would learn it before taking up the job or internship position. We will discuss some of the most used technologies that would make your life easier once you land up in the corporate environment. These include a list of programming languages, technological stacks, software, etc. that are not included in your college curriculum but the companies expect you to know beforehand. While most of the companies provide an in depth training or induction program for all the freshers however learning a whole new technology in depth in such a short time frame becomes difficult to cope up with. Obviously, learning them beforehand will give you an upperhand over other candidates and make your life a whole lot easier once you start your corporate journey. So without any further ado, lets discuss some of the most used technologies that we recommend you to get accustomed with before landing your first job.

  • MERN Stack − MongoDB, ExpressJs, ReactJs, NodeJs.

MERN Stack development has become very popular in recent times and it will continue to gain popularity in the upcoming years and most of the organizations are shifting or have already shifted their entire technological stack to MERN. It gives you a fully fledged working environment using a single programming language Javascript which has also gained significant popularity in recent times.

This stack includes MongoDB which is a Cross platform database and is document oriented. It is a NoSQL database where each record comprises of several key-value pairs much similar to JSON objects. It is fast, scalable, simple and flexible. The next one is ExpressJs which is a back-end NodeJs framework. It makes it simpler and easier to write backend code as it supports many middlewares which makes the code short and precise. It is asynchronous and single threaded and has a vast community for nodejs. The next one is ReactJs which is a Front-end framework which also uses Javascript. It is used for developing single page applications and many mobile apps because it has the ability to handle rapidly changing data and also provides several UI components. Last one is NodeJs. It is an environment which uses javascript and allows the users to run their code on the server. It also supports NPM which allows users to select numerous free packages to download.

Thus to conclude, MERN stack is a complete end-to-end stack which gives you lot of freedom and career options.

  • Java Spring − A development framework for enterprise Java.

It is one of the most popular and widely used application development framework and is used by millions of developers worldwide. It is an open source Java platform, it is lightweight and can be used in developing any Java application. It enables to organize your code in a modular fashion and hence, it makes testing of application easier. It's web framework is very well designed MVC framework.

Thus, getting hold of such an important tool will provide freshers a great opportunity to get their hands dirty in software development.

  • Github

Git is an open source version control system and is one of such technologies which you must know if you are in the field of software development. As a developer, when you create something such as an application or any piece of code, it is obvious that you need to make certain changes throughout you development lifecycle. Git helps you to keep track of these revisions by storing them in a central repository and allows developers to collaborate. Developers can easily download the latest version of the code, make their own changes and push it back to the repository. Github as a service provides access controls, task management, version control, documentation, integration options with cloud platforms and many other tools and features all at a

  • .NET

It is yet another framework to develop software applications. It can be used to develop applications for web, mobile, windows and is designed and developed by Microsoft. It contains a large number of class libraries and those programs written in .net are executed in the CLR execution environment. It provides various services such as network, security, memory management and type safety. It supports various languages such as C#, Python, Perl, etc. It's web framework called ASP.NET allows to programmer to create dynamic websites very easily and is beginner friendly.

  • Javascript and PHP

Javascript is the world's most popular programing language and is very easy to learn and understand. It provides support for both client-side and server side scripting. It has various pre-written functionalities and allows you to dynamically change HTML content thus making it very popular client side scripting language. Javascript is the core language behind MERN stack development as it allows you to create an end-to-end application all in a single programming language. It can interact with multiple frameworks and is asynchronous.

PHP is one of the many server side languages you can use to build a web application. It is one of the top 5 languages in demand according to industry standards and it's still going strong. It is very flexible and is extensively used to build out web applications, web sites, machine learning and cloud computing.

Thus, kickstarting your career as a software developer would be much more interesting and easier if you have hands on experience in atleast one of the above mentioned frameworks or technological stacks and would surely give you an upperhand over other candidates.

Updated on 27-Oct-2020 08:15:35