Top Keyboard Shortcuts For Mozilla Firefox

Did you know that you can operate your computer without using a mouse, that too with a much faster rate? Yes, you read it right. You can do that by using the keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re an internet savvy, you would understand the problem of searching most of the options in your browser using a mouse, even for basic stuff like copy and paste. But if you know the shortcuts, your work pace increases with a lot of time being utilized for doing other useful things.

Some of the shortcuts are listed here which are mostly used in Mozilla firefox on windows platform.

Open a New Window

To open a new window, you won’t have to follow that long old procedure. Instead, just hold Ctrl and press N

Close the Window

To close the window of your browser, you can either hold Alt and press F4 or hold Ctrl and Shift and press W.

Open a New Tab

To open a new tab, hold Ctrl and press T.

Close the Current Tab

To close the current tab, either hold Ctrl and press W or hold Ctrl and press F4

Reopen your Closed Tab

To get your closed tab, hold Ctrl and Shift and then press T. It’ll undo the closed tab.

Full-screen View

To enjoy working with your browser in a full-screen mode, press F11.

Private Window

To work in a private window in Firefox, hold Ctrl and Shift and then press P to open a new private Window to cover the tracks of your browsing.

Conclude a Web Address

You don’t have to type ‘www’ every time you enter some URL. Hold Ctrl and press Enter to add the ‘.com’ as suffix and ‘http’ as a prefix for an URL.

Open the Downloads Folder

To open the Downloads folder, hold Ctrl and press J.

Bookmark a Page

To bookmark a page you’re currently working to retrieve the information again, hold Ctrl and press D.

Toggle between Search engines

To Toggle between Search engines, hold Ctrl and press Upper arrow key (↑) or hold Ctrl and press Lower arrow key (↓).

Open a file

To open a new file, hold Ctrl and press O.

Undo any Action

To retract any information lost, hold Ctrl and press Z which will undo the action.


To redo any action, hold Ctrl and press Y.

Reset Zoom

To reset the page to its default size, hold Ctrl and press O.

Apart from the above mentioned shortcuts, few more shortcuts are enlisted in the table.

ShortcutsUse of Shortcut
Alt + BackspaceTo go back to previous page, press Alt + Backspace.
Alt + Shift + BackspaceTo go to forward page, press Alt + Shift + Backspace
Alt + HomeTo go to Home page, press Alt + Home
F5Ctrl + RPress F5 or Ctrl + R to Reload a page
Ctrl + FTo Find or search anything in particular, press Ctrl + F
F3Ctrl + GWhen you want to access the same file after closing, press Ctrl + G to find the same file.
Shift + F3Ctrl + Shift + GTo find previously searched content
/Quick Find
To find something Quick within link text only
EscOnce you’re done using Search bar press Esc To close the Find bar.
Ctrl + CTo copy the selected text, press Ctrl + C
Ctrl + XTo cut the selected text, press Ctrl + X
Ctrl + VTo paste the text copied from elsewhere, press Ctrl + V
Ctrl + ZIf you delete something and you need that part of information back, press Ctrl + Z to Undo the action
Ctrl + YRedo option is used to Undo the Undo action, press Ctrl + Y to Redo
DelDelete any selected content, press Del key.
Ctrl + ATo select the entire content of the existing page, press Ctrl + A
Ctrl + –When you zoom in a little too much, press Ctrl + <minus> to Zoom Out
Ctrl + 0To reset the Zoomed page, press Ctrl + 0 to Reset back to default size.
F6Quick access to URL address bar
Ctrl + TabCtrl + Page DownTo access the adjacent tab open i.e. Next Tab, press Ctrl + Tab
Alt + EnterTo open a specific Address in a New Tab, press Alt + Enter
Home / EndJump to beginning / End of webpage
Ctrl + Shift + EPress Ctrl + Shift + E to view all the opened tabs in the Tab Groups View
Ctrl + `Press Ctrl + ` to access the Next Tab Group
Ctrl + Shift + `Press Ctrl + Shift + ` to access Previous Tab Group
Ctrl + Shift + DTo Bookmark All Tabs opened at once in a browser, press Ctrl + Shift + D
Ctrl + BCtrl + ITo access all the bookmarks you’ve saved, press Ctrl + B or Ctrl + I which opens Bookmarks sidebar having the list of saved bookmarks.
Ctrl + Shift + BTo access the Library window of Bookmarks, press Ctrl + Shift + B
Shift + F7There is something called Style Editor in your browser. Press Shift + F7 to access that.
Ctrl + Shift + MResponsive Design View
Shift + EnterPress Shift + Enter to Conclude a Web Address in the URL bar by adding ‘http’ in prefix and ‘.net’ as suffix and loads the page.
Ctrl + Shift +EnterPress Ctrl + Shift +Enter to Conclude a Web Address in the URL bar by adding ‘http’ in prefix and ‘.org’ as suffix and loads the page.
Ctrl + /To Show/Hide an Add-on Bar in your browser, press Ctrl + /
F6Press F6 or Alt + D or Ctrl + L to Select a Location Bar

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Updated on: 13-May-2022


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