Top FIVE Benefits of Microsoft Certification in Your Career

Certifications are very important in the career of an IT professional. They validate skills and knowledge that are required for success in the field of IT. Having a Microsoft certification will help you secure a job ate a high reputed organization, because most of the companies prefer to hire individuals with industry-recognized certifications.

What is a Microsoft certificate

Microsoft is one of the most important tech companies to have emerged in our times. The corporation has come up with a wide range of the products, and hence a list of software products that they produce cannot be complete without mentioning Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word. In an effort to ensure that the current workforce is trained in these products, Microsoft has released various materials that can help you learn various think like how to use them and practice them. When you desire certificate in these products, Microsoft offers professional certifications for those who clear assessments association with those products and acquire skills associated with them.

Why should we give priority to Microsoft certification

To succeed in a technical career, you need to able to prove your skills. But certification is more that just about show and tell; it’s a way to demonstrate the skills that will make the greatest difference in your work life. The right certification can open up opportunities, and help set you apart from other candidates. We’ll help you choose the right one so you can start adding values today.

Certification is a stamp of knowledge. It allows employers to see that you have the skills they need and validate your expertise. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced technical professional, take the first step toward real-world credibility by earning a Microsoft Certification.

Advantages of Microsoft Certification

Following are the major advantages of Microsoft Certification

Validation of skills

We know that the skills and expertise of a candidate are important to hiring managers, but it’s pretty standard for recruiters to be skeptical about the essential skills and expertise of candidates applying for jobs.

But what if there was a way to prove that someone has the right skills? What if you could go to an organization like [organization name] or [organization name] and get certification that said you have those skills? It would be pretty convenient. It would also make you look like a rockstar!

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with these organization: they will offer certification for certain skills that makes you look like an expert in your fieldand it certifies your ability to do the job.


While becoming a certified developer gives you more immediate benefits and higher career prospects, it’s also designed to help you achieve your full potential. By updating your skills, you can reach full productivity sooner and become an indispensable employee or team member.

Compared to their peers, Microsoft-certified developers are 90 percent more productive and nearly 60 percent efficient. In the 2018 person VUE report, 36.9 percent of IT professionals claimed that certification helped them to perform complex tasks more confidently.

Certification demonstrate not only your skills mastery but also in your willingness to embrace new technologies and your commitment to lifelong learning and in the growth. For these reasons, in many certifications surveys a larger majority of respondents reports being acknowledged as a valuable employee after certification.

Career Growth

Accredited professionals have gone through a structure process to develop a knowledge and capability that is recognized by the relevant professional associations and industry organizations.

Accreditation demonstrates a commitment to continued learning and development, as well as demonstrating that an organization has committed resources to supporting the demonstrated competencies of its workforce.

High Remuneration

Once you obtain a prestigious certification, it automatically helps you upgrade your career and earn a higher salary. This is because employers are starting to value the skills and knowledge that you have gained on your course journey. As a result, they are more willing to grant you higher pay and additional benefits as per your profession demands.

Better Opportunities

The more jobs you apply for and the more certifications you hold, the better the chances of getting hired. If you nit apply for a job, but are still qualified to be it, you will surely not get the job. There are many online certification courses one could take to provide them with useful knowledge and this is another method that can help increase your chances of overcoming challenges.

A certification is a credential issued by an accrediting agency or a national or international organization. The purpose behind these certifications is to help you determine if you are skilled enough in your field of interest to perform at a high level within the workplace environment. There are different types of certifications, such as associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

Training for the Microsoft certification?

Learning on one’s own may be a good option but it will not provide you with any assistance in the course. You need the assistance of an expert to guide you through the entire process. Self-learning approaches is always the better option that you may take up while preparing for a certification examination. However, it is far better to enroll yourself in a reputed institution and undergo a training there.

Don’t just choose any course; make sure it’s a good fit for you and your goals! While multiple institutions are offering Microsoft course, not all of them are equally good. Here are a few things you have to check while going through your options −

  • Flexibility − A training session should be flexible for the professional. You would not want your training sessions to clash with your working hours, especially if you are working on a big project. If a training is offered in a classroom or at your workplace, this can cause delays and hinder your work. The best part of online training is that you cause access it whenever and wherever you want.

  • Track record − You might want to take a look at the quality of education offered at an institution before choosing one. Ideally, you should try to get yourself trained at an institute that has been around for a while and carries a good reputation. Would also want check out the history of an institute and take a look at its track record.

  • Comprehensiveness − For you to get the best training, it is important to consider the education institution that you want to join. They should take a comprehensive approach while delivering their training programs in order for them to be effective and purposeful. They should also have their infrastructure well-evaluated and work efficiently.

Updated on: 27-Feb-2023


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