Top AWS Solutions Architect Interview Questions

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions architect is a specialist who specializes in all services. These professionals produce and administer all system structures for businesses. They also help with the migration of data and operations to new systems and the resolution of network difficulties. Likewise, AWS solutions architects examine an association's conditioning and develop a structure that meets its daily conditions.

Top Interview Questions for AWS Solutions Architect

What's AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service, a group of online computing services that's constantly appertained to as a calculating platform. IaaS, also known as structure as a Service, is another name for this arising calculating request.

What's Amazon EC2?

The ascendable computing capabilities are shortened to Elastic Compute Cloud( EC2). Exercising Amazon EC2 lessens the need to buy the outfit, allowing for quicker operation development and service launch. You may construct as numerous or as many virtual waiters as you need, configure networking and security settings, and control the storehouse using Amazon EC2. It eliminates the need to estimate business since it can gauge up or down to suit shifting demands. Cases, or instinctively created computing surroundings, are available through EC2.

What's the difference between stopping and terminating a case?

When a case is terminated, it undergoes a standard arrestment before entering a broke state. The case can be renewed later, and its Amazon EBS volumes remain attached. You aren't billed for fresh case hours while the case is breaking.

Unless the linked Amazon EBS volume's deleteOnTermination property is set to false, it performs a standard arrestment before destroying any associated Amazon EBS volumes when a case is terminated. The case is deleted; it cannot be started again after a certain time.

What's DynamoDB?

An illustration of a NoSQL database is DynamoDB. It's veritably flexible and reliable, and AWS connectivity is possible. It provides solid performance that's quick and easy to gauge. With DynamoDB, there are no setup, configuration, replication, software doctoring, or cluster scalability issues to be concerned about.

What's Amazon S3?

The most well-known storehouse system is called Amazon S3, or Simple Storage Service, for short. Using the object storehouse service S3, any volume of data from any position may be saved and recaptured. Since it's the on-demand storehouse, it's virtually measureless and affordable despite its variety.

Describe private and public addresses.

The private address is directly associated with the Instance and only returns to EC2 if it's terminated or halted. On the other hand, the public address is also associated with the Instance until it's ended or halted. The public address can be replaced with elastic IP. This is done when a stoner wants that it remain with Instance as demanded.

Describe the Elastic Beanstalk.

Elastic Beanstalk is an Amazon Web Services unity tool employed in various AWS operations similar to EC2, S3, Simple announcement Service, CloudWatch, bus-scaling, and Elastic Load Balancers. Using the AWS Management Console, a Git depository, or an integrated development environment (IDE) is the quickest and most straightforward way to emplace your operation on AWS.

Amazon S3 may be used in confluence with EC2 cases. How?

Yes, assuming the instances have root devices and are supported by the instance storage. Amazon hosts all its websites on one of the most dependable, scalable, fast, and cost-effective networks available. It is feasible for developers to have access to the same network with the aid of S3. When executing systems on EC2, customers might examine the tools offered in AMIs. The files may be easily transferred between EC2 and S3.

Describe AWS CloudFormation.

AWS CloudFormation is an Amazon service devoted to addressing the need to regularize and duplicate designs to ease their prosecution and optimize coffers and costs in operation delivery or compliance with organizational norms. Through programming, CloudFormation enables the creation of a personal library of case templates or infrastructures that can be given at any moment and in an ordered manner.

What's AMI?

Amazon Machine Image is appertained to as AMI. AMI is a template that includes the data needed to launch the case (an application server, an operating system, and operations). The AMI, which is performing as a virtual server in the cloud, is replicated in that case. According to the conditions, cases from different AMIs are stationed.

State the difference between an instance and an AMI.

AMI is a template that includes the software setup portion. As an illustration, consider the operation of the terms, operating system. When you start an Instance, still, it's a dupe of the AMI in a row as an attendant in the pall

How will you gain access to the data stored on EBS in AWS?

Elastic block storehouse, as the name indicates, provides a patient, largely available, and high-performance block-position storehouse that may be linked to a running EC2 case. It's possible to format and mount the storehouse as a train system, or it can be penetrated directly as a raw storehouse.

What are the crucial distinctions between EBS and S3?

We have outlined some of the crucial differences between EBS and S3 below

  • EBS is veritably scalable, whereas S3 is not.

  • S3 is an object storehouse, whereas EBS is a blocked storehouse.

  • EBS is quicker than S3, whereas S3 is slower than EBS.

  • The stoner can only pierce EBS through the specified EC2 Instance; still, S3 is available to anybody. It's a public illustration.

  • EBS provides a train system interface, whereas S3 provides a web interface.

Final Words

AWS is a multifaceted cloud computing system comprised of several online services that provide numerous benefits. Furthermore, it is a growing and evolving solution, as Amazon is constantly looking for ways to improve the service to better serve the businesses that use it. You should review the most recent AWS news before your interview to demonstrate that you are up to date on the newest advances. These are the qualities that a recruiter seeks in an AWS Solution Architect Professional.

Updated on: 14-Oct-2022


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