Top 10 Machine Learning Projects for Beginners


Machine learning is indeed the idea that different technological tools, such as computers and tablets may understand anything dependent on coding along with other data. Although it looks like something from the future, most people use the internet on this level every day. Speaking recognition is a fantastic example of this. The technology is used by virtual personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa to read out reminders, respond to enquiries, and carry out tasks.

More experts are considering employment as machine learning experts, as the sector grows. Making a project from start to finish is among the best ways to start, and there are several free tools online.

Let's explore ideas behind the Machine learning projects -

Top 10 Machine Learning Projects for Beginners

  • Movie Recommendations with Movielens Dataset.

  • Human Activity Recognition with Smartphones.

  • TensorFlow.

  • Sales Forecasting with Walmart.

  • Sorting of Specific Tweets on Twitter

  • Stock Price Predictions.

  • Wine Quality Predictions.

  • Iris Classification.

  • Breast Cancer Prediction.

  • Creating Digital Versions of Handwritten Documents.

1) Movie Recommendations With Movielens Dataset

Nowadays, practically everyone uses technology to stream movies and TV shows. Choosing what to watch next might be difficult, however suggestions are frequently given based on a viewer's past viewing habits and individual tastes. Machine learning is used to accomplish this, making it a simple and engaging project for novices. Using the Movielens Dataset then either the Python or R programming languages, novice programmers can hone their skills. More than 9,000 individuals have currently contributed more than 2 million movie ratings to Movielens for 6,800 films.

2) Human Activity Recognition With Smartphones

Many contemporary mobile devices are designed to automatically detect when we are engaging in specific activities like cycling or jogging. Here, machine learning is in play. For this kind of project, beginning machine learning engineers employ a dataset comprising fitness activity records from a small number of people (the more, the better), which has been obtained using mobile devices equipped with inertial sensors. This might also help them understand multi-classification challenges better.

3) TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open-source software for numerical computing that makes use of data flow graphs. The Google Brain Team created it under the terms of the Apache 2.0 free software license. TensorFlow provides a range of tools for applications in neural networks, natural language processing, machine learning, reinforcement learning, and other areas of machine learning. TensorFlow is used in a variety of applications, including time-series analysis, text-based programs, picture and speech recognition. It is also used to build large-scale distributed networks for machine learning and deep learning.

4) Sales Forecasting With Walmart

Even while it may not always be feasible to predict future sales perfectly, businesses can come close to machine learning. The sale pricing for 98 products throughout 45 Walmart stores, split out by locations and departments, are available to developers. This sizable project intends to enhance data-driven choices for inventory planning and channel optimization.

5) Sorting of Specific Tweets on Twitter

The ability to quickly filter tweets for specific words and content would be fantastic. The good news is that programmers may create an algorithm that uses scraped tweets that have undergone natural language processing and determine which were much more likely to fit subjects, discuss certain persons, and so on thanks to beginner-level machine learning software.

6) Stock Price Predictions

The same data sets, volatility indexes, and fundamental indicators utilized for sales forecasting are also employed to predict stock prices. With a tool like this, beginners can start out modest and forecast the next few months using share price statistics. To get started, grab a stock system dataset either Quantopian or Quandl.

7) Wine Quality Predictions

Finding wines that we enjoy while wine shopping might be challenging. There is no surefire way to tell if a wine appears to be good quality if we are not an expert who considers various factors including age and price. ML newbies can experience data exploration, data visualization, regression modeling, & R programming with this project.

8) Iris Classification

The Iris Flowers dataset is among the most well-known, oldest, and simple machine learning projects for beginners. As part of this project, students must be able to handle numerical data and quantities at the fundamental level. Among the pieces of data are the sepals' and petals' lengths and widths. Irises were successfully divided into each of the three species in a project that proved successful.

9) Breast Cancer Prediction

The dataset used in this computer vision experiment can forecast whether a breast tumor is more likely to be benign or malignant. For beginning machine learning specialists, training in R programming is a wonderful starting point. Breast cancer prediction is the process of predicting the likelihood of an individual developing breast cancer based on a variety of factors including family history, lifestyle, environmental exposures, and other risk factors. Predictive models use statistical algorithms and machine learning to assess the risk of developing breast cancer.

10) Creating Digital Versions of Handwritten Documents

For practice in this kind of project, deep learning and neural networks, machine learning components essential for picture recognition, are suitable. Beginners can also learn how to apply logistic regression, MNIST datasets, and how to turn pixel data to images. Creating Digital Versions of Handwritten Documents

Digital versions of handwritten documents can be created by scanning the document and using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert the scanned image into an editable digital text file. OCR software can recognize text written in a variety of fonts and handwriting styles and can accurately convert the text into a digital file. Once the file has been converted, it can be edited and manipulated using a variety of text editors or word processing programs.


In this article, we discussed the significance of machine learning and how it is used in daily life in this article. The firm has already started a number of initiatives where they are noticing a significant progress in terms of predictions and are also at a stage that allows them to make a quality decision with the highest degree of accuracy.

Machine learning has made all of this feasible. The true potential of machine learning will be on display in the future, helping both the average person and organizations flourish immensely.