Tips to browse web better on your phone

Today’s internet is the most consequential thing in our life and surfing the web on phone is one of the main reasons why most of us pay for a data plan. Surfing the web on a diminutive screen with a tiny keyboard can suck sometimes. Here are some tips and tricks so that you can surf the net efficiently from your phone.

Use the Best Mobile Browser

There are many mobile browsers, both for iOS and Android. It also works almost similar but with little features like syncing with your desktop browser could push you towards a favourite. I would like to prefer Chrome browser for both iOS and android, although you can choose many other good mobile browsers. To access flash content, you can try Puffin web browser (Android and iOS).

Use an Ad Blocker

Ad blockers can speed up the internet speed and helps to preserve battery life. We only need to activate it while browsing internet. We can use Ad block Plus for Android, a standalone web browser that blocks ads.

Turn on Data Saver Mode

Data saver mode helps to save your data and block images from loading when you are having slow connection without using extra data. On Android, go to Settings and then Advanced to turn on Data Saver. On iPhone, go to Settings – then bandwidth to find the setting.

Use Text Expansion App

Text expansion is a bit like predictive typing or auto-complete on a mobile phone. It is like a keyboard shortcut for a word, phrase, or sentence. There are many words which you have to enter into like online forms, email id’s, company names, addresses. These apps monitor your typing, and whenever you type a specific sequence of letters, it will replace those letters with a predefined piece of text. Texpand is a text expansion app that helps you save a lot of time by assigning shortcuts to your frequently used texts.

Learn Shortcuts and Gestures for Your Phone

Just as on the desktop, various keyboard shortcuts are available for the mobile browser. For example, you can switch between open tabs by swiping horizontally on the omnibar or refresh a page by swiping down from the top of a web page.

Browse without a Data Plan

In case you don’t find good data service for browsing internet, just download Smozzy App (for Android). This free app lets you to browse internet without a data plan by using your cellular provider’s messaging plan.

Share Web Pages between Your Desktop Computer and Your Phone

The popular and most obvious solution for sharing files across devices is an email. But there are more efficient ways to sync and swap files and more from desktop to phone. There are some apps that break down the barrier between your desktop system and your Android smartphone and make them feel like harmonious extensions of each other. Google Keep app is a recommended option if you wish to transfer text snippets, web page URLs or even clipboard content from one device to another. Push Bullet is another very handy app for sending web pages, map directions, text notes and even small files from your computer to phone, phone to phone or between computers.

Use a VPN

Using VPN is just as important on phone as it is on Desktop or laptop. With a VPN for mobile, you afford for yourself a little more privacy than the ‘unprotected’ majority – of millions of smartphone users. Simply download tunnel bear VPN, elegant & simple VPN service to keep browsing privately for iOS and Android.

Comfortable at Night without Wrecking Your Sleep

Your phone’s bright screen must be distracting your and others sleep. So it’s better to decrease the screen’s brightness of your phone or use an app like Sunset for Android or Flux for iOS.

Read a Site Clutter-Free

Now a day, most of the sites have mobile-friendly pages but still they can be cluttered with distracting elements. So put your browser into a reading-friendly mode to avoid menus and ads on the web pages. . You can do this with a bookmark Chrome for Android and enable the hidden “Reader” mode. Readability in web and mobile app helps you to remove clutter from webpages and offers a minimalist text version of the page, suitable for easy reading with bigger fonts and a subtle background.

I hope this will help you to browse freely and efficiently on your mobile phones.

Lakshmi Srinivas
Lakshmi Srinivas

Programmer / Analyst / Technician