Tips For Preparing MCSE Certification Exams

In this highly competitive world, increasing population of educated people and explosion of media and communication, selecting a career is like walking on a sharpened sword. This is so true for the IT industry, as statistically, the competition is more in this industry. There are numerous or so shall I say “infinite” scope in this Industry and one must understand each, to select the appropriate stream, as per his/her own competencies. One such scope is the “Solutions expert” or “Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)”.

MCSE Certification can be done once you have ample experience of configuring and troubleshooting computer frameworks run by Microsoft Platforms. Once you are an MCSE certified professional (known as Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP) you get opportunities as a support specialist, system administrator, security analyst, and database administrator to name a few, with an attractive package and career path to grow. To get a good start in this field, one must undergo a sound MCSE Certification course. There are eight areas which a student must be specialized in, and of them at least five needs scoring to understand the candidate’s competencies of understanding the Microsoft SQL Server 2012, windows server 2012 and its implementation to create database, framework business intelligence solutions and manage online services etc.

Organizations count on MCPs for handling their complex and critical systems and hence the importance for such a professional is immense. One must understand that one need to prepare for the MCSE Certification Exams very systematically.

Set Yourself a Goal (or Target)

Since MCSE certification course and study material is quite abundant, you must plan your course of action as to how much time to need to give to studies, practical’s and practice tests or sessions. Though it depends on your speed normally it takes 8-12 weeks to prepare for the exams.

Finding the Objectives of Exam

You must understand about which skills are required for the exams and what specifically you should prepare for MCSE. You must polish those skills which are specifically needed for it.

Course Material

Find out the course or subject material from sources such as online or opt for an MCSE training program. But then you need to also decide if you are comfortable studying individually or in the group. Both have their own advantages, if you study in the group you come across other ways and means of students which they use to learn and if you study alone you may concentrate more.

Review Time

Review yourself periodically and attempt as many MCSE practice examination as possible that may help you boost your understanding of Microsoft SQL Server 2012, windows server 2012 and its implementation to create database, framework business intelligence solutions.

The Importance of Coach

Always try to prepare under an experienced coach/tutor/teacher and try to interact with other students, irrespective of you studying alone or in coaching. This will let you learn more and sharpen your skills for the MCSE Certification Exams.

Gather Information and update Yourself

Read or gather technical information on Microsoft server Infrastructure, Desktop infrastructure, Private Cloud, Enterprise device and Applications, Data Platform, Business Intelligence, Messaging, and communication. Keep yourself updated so that you are acquainted with any technical update in the MCSE Exams course.

Real Time Practice

Try to practice under an examination ecosystem, whereby setting a target or examination question paper by solving the same in stipulated time and review the answers.

Correct Material and Online Services

If at all you plan to enroll for a coaching/ preparation center or any online service please ensure you get the correct, time period of training, complete guidance and training at an optimum cost. Try to gather information on the faculty – if a coaching center and the tenure of the organization if online service is availed. You may go through the reviews in case of online services.

The D-Day Tips

Ensure that you get sound sleep at night, before the day of examination and reach the examination center before or On-time. Keep your calm without any hurry. Swiftly go through the questions. Once you have completed answering – start reviewing them.


In addition to all the above, ensure that you take proper balanced diet timely so that you do not deteriorate your health.

Whatever may be the situation being positive and having a positive frame of mind makes a lot of difference. Keep in mind that you must have that confidence and trust in your own capabilities. Your success in the MCSE Examinations depends greatly on the knowledge you have and the confidence with which you attempt the examinations. You must also take tips from other resources as well on the tips for MCSE Certification Examination.

Updated on: 10-May-2022


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