The Impact of Ethical Hacking and Cloud Computing on Businesses

Countless companies of all sizes today are used to two popular practices of ethical hacking and cloud computing. They have existed throughout history but have become increasingly important in today's technological and business world. Since the covid pandemic hit, cloud computing has reached its height as the pandemic demanded remote working culture from individuals to organizations.

Cloud computing deserves all the credit for allowing automation, data availability, smooth remote working experience, and improving scalability. In every seed of good, there exists a piece of evil. In the same way, hackers also found the darker side of the cloud. This technology gave hackers some new ways to steal confidential data. Now comes the entry to ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is a counter operation to black hat hackers that has the potential to keep business statistics secure. In this article, let's see how ethical hacking is essential to save cloud computing technology in various businesses.

Impact Of Cloud Computing On Businesses

Businesses can scale their needs whenever required through the cloud without worrying about buying extra infrastructure or storage capacity. They need to contact a service provider and adjust the subscription plan according to the demand. Cloud technology can also scale down the resources when the business market is low, leading to efficient utilization of resources by businesses.

A list of significant businesses having a considerable impact from the cloud is the Retail Industry, health care, financial services, manufacturing, etc. Cloud computing impacts e−commerce businesses by making retailing more comfortable, providing easy access to product data, and lowering customer prices. Cloud computing also has a way to go in ed−tech companies. Ed−tech companies are in the boom of the startup industry because the main issue any startups face is funding. However, the cloud platform provides deployment of ed−tech startups at a minimal cost. This way cloud's impact on the ed−tech industry is also significant.

After all, any business stands in the market only if they find desired profits, and just by adopting the cloud, there is a lot of scope for cost−cutting. Companies also don't need a physical presence at every client's location with the cloud; hence, it promotes a broader reach of clients without needing significant capital investments.

Impact Of Ethical Hacking On Businesses

The more businesses enter the digital world, the bigger the threat from cybercriminals. There are several ways to protect your organization from malicious attacks. One of them is hackers who do good for your organization. Yes, the term hackers are not a strict negative term. There exist hackers who help you protect your security shied from cyber criminals. These hackers are called ethical hackers or white hat hackers.

Ethical hackers can help businesses to avoid many of the traditional cyber threats easily. Some include email phishing, denial of service, wifi attacks, etc. Ethical hackers in businesses also make employees aware of real hacking situations. Ethical hackers sometimes trick employees by sending phishing emails or keeping them in cyber attack circumstances. Through this, employees respond appropriately when facing a real cyber threat.

Cloud Computing And Ethical Hacking Together

Cloud computing and ethical hacking have much of a positive impact on businesses. Cloud computing offers a rise in business advantages that cannot be overseen. Ethical hacking must be in the company's department to cover the loopholes in the security systems that occurred through cloud computing. We call it ethical hacking because these hackers are licensed to gain unauthorized access to the systems. We can use this technique not only to save standard device attacks but also performs website testing, internal and external penetration testing, wireless fidelity penetration testing, etc.

Organizations that primarily depend on the cloud must hire ethical hackers to check on potential threats and take necessary precautions regularly. Ethical hackers sometimes use cloud technology to implement many tactics in finding malicious attacks. A few main concerns that ethical hackers should take care of in cloud computing are making sure access, and cloud authorization is tight, repairing broken cloud servers, and detecting threats before even entering the infrastructure. It is preferred that cloud servers should have a complete check by ethical hackers at least twice a year to prevent them from risks.

Ethical hackers also benefit from cloud computing. Surprisingly, Ethical hacking can use cloud computing to save cloud infrastructure. There is a concept that cloud security in cyber security purely talks about data safety across the internet and cloud. Hence, cloud computing and ethical hacking technologies take a good stand for businesses.


Cloud computing itself has security features in−built to some extent. But when managing the whole company in the cloud, we need to take additional care for data security. There are ways to secure data in the cloud, like encrypting data, enabling anti−virus software in the cloud, and encouraging role−based access. But a specified focus on the ethical hacking department of a company is required to customize the security shield at a higher level. This helps our organization in the long run too.

Updated on: 26-Dec-2022


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