The best design thinking Blogs to Read as a Beginner

In the age of the internet, we can connect with so many different companies and groups that benefit us. Several decades ago, we might

not have been able to find new opportunities and peers. It hasn't taken more than a decade or so for blogs to become a significant part of the online world and a superb way to create content for others to enjoy.

Popular Design Thinking Blogs

You can learn a lot from these UX blogs, design thinking, and CX thought leaders. On these sites, you will find tips, best practices, and interesting stories about design thinking, customer experience, and user experience.

The best way to discover and connect with designers is by using Dribbble. Creative talent from around the world is their main objective. They have assisted some of the best design-forward companies around the world for several years now. Due to this exposure, Apple, Google, Shopify, and Lift have been able to hire talented creatives.

Anyone involved in the design world should be familiar with Dribbble, which is considered to be one of the most pivotal social networks. Among the topics covered on the blog are interviews, inspiration, and custom blog design tips.

Because Dribbble is created by designers, everyone is welcome. The ease of use and friendly atmosphere of the site makes it a great place to play. There is a lot to learn - animation, typography, and so many other topics are covered.

Creative Bloq

Asbury Park, New Jersey-based Creative Bloq was founded in 2011 to provide advice, inspiration, and teachings for artists around the world. So whether you're just starting out in design or working in the field, this blog will be a great resource.

Whether you are interested in traditional art, web design, graphics, 3D art, illustration, or any other design area, Creative Bloq has you covered. Each and every visitor to the blog will experience the very best in creative work.

They also provide content that keeps the audience informed about global design news, trends, and stories. These factors work together to improve the skills of curious browsing artists. Whether you're just getting into design or are a design veteran, Creative Bloq is a great place to explore if you want high-quality content. It is easy to navigate the blog, which makes browsing rather enjoyable.

Views From The Pond By Frog Design

A great blog to follow when searching for design thinking resources is Views from the Pond. It's a fresh, standing-out thinker who looks at technology, trends, and culture around the world. Frog has an excellent staff who already know their work and are more than capable of writing blogs that are worth reading.

Best Part of This Blog: Article: The Future Is Fiction: By making every choice, we are writing the future. The article and the ones like it on this blog are both current and forward-looking. With the use of machine intelligence, we are creating our future today, and we must be aware of this for a better future.

The Knowledge Vault By Zurb

In addition to designing digital products and websites, Zurb blogs are the best in the market to learn more about design thinking. Besides creating digital products and impactful websites, these companies provide insight into how products and companies can be transformed. Through the design thinking blog, they offer unique perspectives.

An article on how your team can adopt a growth mindset can be found here. Having this way of thinking allows you to think outside the box.

IDEO Design Thinking By Tom Brown

By focusing on what people need, what technology can offer, and what is required for a successful business, IDEO was among the first companies to work on design thinking innovation. A great site and content for design thinking.

The Best Part of this Blog: How to Lead a Design-Driven Organization – An interesting blog on breaking away from old thinking. A new way to look at old structures. There are leaders everywhere. Players, explorers, and coaches can all be leaders.

CX Journey By Annette Frantz

It has everything from customer experience and service to voice of opinion and leadership talks. This is amongst the best CX blogs out there at the moment. Resources on customer experience provided insight into how to improve the customer experience, as well as what the future holds.

Best Part of the Blog: Hot Topics for #CX Professionals in 2019 (and beyond) - Here are 19 blogs in one. A fantastic overview of what's hot in 2019.

Customer Bliss By Jeanne Bliss

You can find some of the best CX websites that provide content that challenges you to think, live, and work outside the box. This is about customer-first thinking, team building, and consumer-centricity. Leaders need to be brave and do what's right, not what's expected, and lead with heart and integrity.

Blake Morgan Blog By Blake Morgan

On this customer-oriented site, you'll find a wealth of information about new technologies, thinking ways, and strategies of workable that will break the silo mentality. The Best Part of this Blog: Customer Experience Around the World: 25 Examples of Best Practices You Haven't Heard of This blog summarizes much of what Blake Morgan advocates throughout her writings and speech. Keep your customers happy by applying common-sense practicalities.

Awwwards By The Awwwards Team

Web design gurus from around the world contribute great UX articles and share their skills and knowledge. Having some of the best UX blogs and depth of content in the industry is the excellent part of this blog. All the topics are eclectic, which makes them stand out.

Design Shack By The Design Shack Team

In addition to UX blogs, there is also a blog about product design. You can find a lot of information on this site, and it's not just about UX blogs. We like this blog because of its company and content depth. It looks fresh and sensible to read. There is so much information to share along with links that anyone can benefit from.

Beautiful Pixels By Various Authors

The site is not driven by high-qualified professionals but by people who have determined some great works and are willing to send and share them. Having a focus on pictures and graphics is the best part of the blog. It is original and well done and offers unique and excellent ideas about what is actually working and what does not.

Noupe By Various Authors

You can easily search and click on over 2500 articles on this blog. You should be able to find UX here, no matter what your question is or what your idea is. It is a great teaching site that has something for all people, regardless of your level of experience or the company you work for.


There are so many design blogs on the internet that finding inspiration for graphic design may be difficult. The good news is that fellow design blogs provide creative insight and advice across all areas of design. As designers, it is imperative that we continue to create, but we must also continue to be avid learners.