Text & Ingredients of the Preamble of the Constitution of India


The Preamble of the Constitution of India is a short starting detail that sets out the guiding motive and theories of the document and points out the origin from which the document receives its authority, meaning, the people.

As a part of the Indian Polity of IAS Exam, it is an important section. Hence, this article will talk about the Text & Ingredients of the Preamble of the Constitution of India. You can also know about the Modified Version of the Preamble of India.

The Preamble of India – Objective Resolution

It was appropriated by the Constituent Assembly of India on 26 November 1949 and came into effect on 26 January 1950. The basic principles on which the Objective Resolution was based were:

  • The resolution of the Constituent Assembly was to see India as an independent, sovereign republic.

  • To frame a constitution for India.

  • Formation of all the territories of pre-independence India into the United States of post-independence India.

  • In order to realize the residuary powers, the Constitution of India assigns autonomy to such states.

  • To realize the union with a power that would be different from the power given to such states.

  • The people of India play the role of the source of power and authority of sovereignty and independence.

  • To provide justice of status of opportunity, social, economic, and political equality, and freedom of thought,

  • Expression, faith, belief, worship, occupation, association, and action, are subject to the law and public morality before the law.

  • To provide adequate protection to minorities, tribal and backward areas, and other depressed and backward classes.

  • Upholding the integrity of the territory of the Republic of India and its territorial rights on land, sea, and air in accordance with the justice and law of a civilized nation.

  • To promote peace and welfare among the nations of the world.

Interesting Data Regarding the Preamble of the Indian Constitution

  • It was performed after the enaction of the whole Constitution of India.

  • The term secular was included in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act of 1976.

  • The Preamble provides freedom of belief, faith, and worship to all citizens of India.

  • The ideals of justice (social, economic, and political) in the Preamble are taken from the Constitution of Russia.

  • The ideals of republic and liberty, equality, and fraternity are borrowed from the French constitution.

  • The Preamble, in itself, is first introduced through the US Constitution.

Main Ingredients of the Indian Preamble

The origin of the Indian Constitution, the character of the Indian State, the purposes of the Constitution of India, and the date of appropriate of the Indian State, are four key ingredients of the Indian Preamble which are given below:

Origin of the Indian Constitution The People of India are disclosed to be the origin of the authority of the Indian Constitution. The words, We the people of India reflect that same.
The Character of the Indian State The Preamble of India tags India as a monarch, republic, secular, and democratic country.
Purpose of the Indian Constitution Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood are marked as the objectives of the Preamble of India.
Adoption Date November 26, 1949, was the date when the then -Indian Constitution was adopted.


Q1. What are the four ingredients of the Preamble of India?

Ans: The origin of authority, the purpose of the constitution, the character of the state, and the date of enaction and contents of the preamble were adopted.

Q2. Enactment and Adoption date of the Constitution different?

Ans: Yes, the adoption date of the constitution is 26th November 1949, and the enactment date is 26th January 1950.

Q3. Who is the origin of power for the Constitution?

Ans: The people of India, are the origin of the Constitution.

Q4. What was included in the character of the nation with the 42nd Amendment?

Ans: ‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ keywords were included in the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment.

Updated on: 15-May-2023


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