Talent Management - Do’s & Don’ts

Every process has its own do’s and don’ts. To maintain a balanced growth, the organization needs certain things to practice and some other things to avoid.

Do’s and Don’ts in Talent Management

Following table lists the do’s and don’ts in talent management.

Do’s Don’ts
Adoption of a single language across the organization Don’t ignore the organization goal.
Establish an enabling work environment where an employee can give his/her best efforts to realize organizational goals Don’t lose focus
Empower the employees so that they own the process Don’t be afraid of upgrading skill and develop the employees
Connect employees and build the trust Don’t over organize
Generate new ideas and implement as per business requirements Don’t undervalue the experience and organizational history
Maintain balance between bringing new people and fresh ideas Don’t lose balance or over control on employees in the organization
Spread the awareness about organization vision, mission, and objective Don’t spread rumors regarding unwanted things about the organization
Respect employees and treat them as valuable asset of the organization Don’t insult employees or make them incapable
Give employees recognition, rewards and appraise them on successful completion of any assigned work Don’t encourage micromanagement

Tips for Effective Talent Management

Following are certain tips to improve talent management and HR function of the organization.

  • Understand the purpose and importance of talent management.

  • Understand the organization’s future business strategy.

  • Identify the talent gaps and requirements to drive business.

  • Design the talent plan and close the gap.

  • Take accurate hiring and promotion decisions.

  • Focus on the element required on succession of talent management.

  • Develop talent to enhance performance.

  • Build proper communication system.

  • Measure the business impact on workforce effectiveness before and after implementation.

  • Design the reward and recognition policy.

  • Arrange training and development program for upgrading employee skills.

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