Storage of integer and character values in C

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We have used the integer and character variables many times in our program. Here we will see how they are stored in the memory.

In C the character values are also stored as integers. In the following code, we shall put 270 into a character type data. So the binary equivalent of 270 is 100001110, but takes only first 8-bits from right. So the result will be (00001110), that is 14. Then stores the value into variable a. It also gives warning for overflow.

In the next variable y, we are trying to store negative number say -130. The negative number will be stored as 2’s complemented method. So the binary of 130 is (10000010). The 2’s complemented value is 01111101 + 1 = 01111110. Here also the right most 8-bits are taken. So the result will be (01111110) = 126


#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
   char x = 270;
   char y = -130;
   printf("The value of x is: %d\n", x);
   printf("The value of y is: %d", y);


The value of x is: 14
The value of y is: 126
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