STLC - Test Cycle Closure

A check against the test exit criteria is very essential to claim that the testing is now complete. Before putting an end to the test process, the product quality is measured against the test completion criteria.

The entry criteria of this phase is that the execution of the test case is complete, test results are available and the defects report is ready.

The criteria for test completion includes the following −

  • Specified coverage has been achieved.
  • No showstoppers or critical defects
  • There are very few known medium or low-priority defects. These do not affect the usage of the product.

The exit criteria of this phase is the provision of test closure reports and preparation of matrices which are later signed off by the client.

Let us now discuss the activities involved in the closure of Test Cycle.

Test Completion Report

Test completion reporting is a process, whereby the test metrics are reported in summarized format to update the stakeholders. This enables them to take an informed decision.

Test Completion Report contains the following information.

  • Test Summary Report Identifier
  • Summary
  • Variances
  • Summary Results
  • Evaluation
  • Planned vs Actual Efforts
  • Sign off

A good Test Completion Report indicates quality, measures outstanding risks, and identifies the level of a tested software.

Test Completion Matrix

Upon completion of testing, various matrices are collected to prepare the test reports. The criteria for preparing the reports includes the following −

  • Number of Tests Executed
  • Number of Tests Passed
  • Number of Tests Failed
  • Number of Test Failed based on each module
  • Number of Test Defects Raised during the execution cycle
  • Number of Test Defects Accepted
  • Number of Test Defects Rejected
  • Number of Test Defects Deferred
  • Status of Active defects
  • Calculating Quality Index of the Build

Test Results

While executing a test case, re-testing defects and performing regression test case, Test results articulate should be saved and can be produced along with the test cycle closure documents to support the completion of test execution.

Articulates can be screenshots, database query results, recording, log files, etc.