STLC - Entry and Exit Criteria


In this chapter, we will see the Entry and Exit Criteria at different levels in STLC. The following points need to be considered to understand the criteria.

Ideally, the QA team does not proceed with the next phase until the exit criteria of the current phase meets. The entry criteria should include the completion of exit criteria of the previous phase.

In real time, it is not possible to wait for the next phase until the exit criteria is met. Now, the next phase can be initiated if the critical deliverables of the previous phase have been completed.

In each phase of STLC, the entry and exit criteria should be defined.

Entry Criteria

Entry Criteria for STLC phases can be defined as specific conditions; or, all those documents which are required to start a particular phase of STLC should be present before entering any of the STLC phase.

Entry criteria is a set of conditions that permits a task to perform, or in absence of any of these conditions, the task cannot be performed.

While setting the entry criteria, it is also important to define the time-frame when the entry criteria item is available to start the process.

For Instance, to start the Test Cases development phase, the following conditions should be met −

  • The requirement document should be available.
  • Complete understanding of the application flow is required.
  • The Test Plan Document should be ready.

Exit Criteria

Exit Criteria for STLC phases can be defined as items/documents/actions/tasks that must be completed before concluding the current phase and moving on to the next phase.

Exit criteria is a set of expectations; this should be met before concluding the STLC phase.

For Instance, to conclude the Test Cases development phase, following expectations should be met −

  • Test Cases should be written and reviewed.
  • Test Data should be identified and ready.
  • Test automation script should be ready if applicable.