Steps involved in compilation of a COBOL-DB2 program

To prepare a COBOL-DB2 program for execution, we have to go through certain steps. These steps include pre-compilation - compilation - binding - linkediting.

  • The pre-compilation is done using the utility DSNHPC. In the pre-compilation step all the SQL statements which are present in the source program are replaced by corresponding COBOL calls. All the SQL statements are taken in an object known as database resource module (DBRM) and passed on to the BIND step. The modified source code is passed on to the compilation step.

  • In the compilation step, the modified source is compiled and the object module is generated. The compilation is done using the utility IGYCRCTL.

  • The object module is then passed to the link editing step, where object module is link edited and executable load module is generated using IEWL utility.

  • The DBRM which was generated in the first step is binded to a package or directly binded to a plan. In case the DBRM is binded to a package then there is an additional step to bind the package into a plan. The BIND is done using the utility IKJEFT01.

Updated on: 11-Sep-2020

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