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If you are a fan of sports, then is for you. It is a streaming platform which you can use to stream sports events. People from 150 countries can watch different sports events. Some of them include NBA, NFL, MMA, NCAA, and many more. Reddit was the platform on which SportSurge started. In which there were links available for different events. Reddit banned these links in 2019 due to issues related to copyright. People can use the platform without any subscription. It provides quality streams and has a user-friendly interface.

Why alternatives?

SportSurge has a few disadvantages and some of them have been listed here −

  • The website is available only in the beta mode

  • In order to access the website, a virtual private network(VPN) is necessary

  • The content on the website is not legal

  • The website does not have any news or stories related to sports

How to choose a Alternative?

SportSurge is a great option for sports lovers. If you are in search of alternatives, you should also look at the advantages that provides. They should be available in the alternatives. Some of these advantages are as follows −

  • Pop-ups and ads are very few

  • Subscription or payment is not required to stream the live events

  • The user interface is interactive

  • Get HD content through the links

Top 10 Alternatives has many alternatives and some of them have been discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – BilaSport

BilaSport is considered as one of the best alternatives to You are allowed to watch live sports on the website. Besides watching sports, you will also get information about different sports. You can find the links of sports from Europe and Asia. The website is popular as it holds the coverage of NBA and MotoGP. There is no need to create an account or subscribe to the website to watch your favorite sports

Alternative 2 – LiveTV

LiveTV is another excellent alternative to SportSurge. You can navigate to the website to watch live sports events without paying any fees. The secure and trustworthy website will let you watch all your favorite sports without any problem. LiveTV can be easily watched on tablets and phones if there is no satellite link on the television. You will also get a list of upcoming events along with their schedule.

Alternative 3 – Stream2Watch

If you want a website where you can stream live sports, you can go for Stream2Watch which consists of many sports channels. Besides sports, you can also watch entertainment channels. There are a large number of sports channels available on this website. You can watch different sports like football, snooker, NHL, premier league, NHL, golf, and many more. Channels are available in the form of MMS and streaming URLs. The channels and links available on the website are legal so there is no need of a VPN.

Alternative 4 – ATDHE

ATDHE is a sports streaming website where you can access any live sport. The platform has more than 250 live sports which can be watched online. There is no need to pay anything for streaming sports. You just need to click the link of your favorite game to watch it live. This website is considered as one of the best alternatives to SportSurge.

Alternative 5 – JokerLiveStream

JokerLiveStream is a website where you can find free coverage of different types of international sports. You can watch and stream all these sports for free. There is a search bar available which can help you to search for your favorite game. A chatbox is also available on the website. The sports that you can stream on this website are football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, and many more.

Alternative 6 – NBC Sports

NBC Sports is a website who can be navigated on desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and other electronic devices which have an internet connection. This is a trustworthy website where you are allowed to stream the sports of your choice for free. The user interface of the website is simple to use and you can easily stream your favorite sports and events.

Alternative 7 – SportStream

SportStream is another great alternative to SportSurge. It is a streaming platform where you can watch live matches of any sport like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, and many more. You will also get the news about the upcoming matches on the website. Besides this, you can also get the live scores of different matches. The website can be accessed from anywhere as there is no geographical restriction.

Alternative 8 – Ronaldo7

Ronaldo7 is also one of the best alternatives to SportSurge. You can navigate to the website to stream sports like baseball, MLB, and NBA. All the Ronaldo’s football matches are available online for you. You will also find all the details about Ronaldo. It provides awesome service when there is any football match.

Alternative 9 – CBS Sports

The user interface of CBS Sports is simple and straightforward. There are a few advertisements which you have to face while streaming any sports. You can watch all the sports for free. Some of the sports that it covers are football, NBA, MMA, NHL, and NCAA. A mobile app for the website is also available. You need to create an account on the website to access the sports. You can also get schedules of upcoming events along with the scores of live matches.

Alternative 10 – VIPLeague

VIPLeague is another popular alternative to SportSurge. The bandwidth and speed of the website is excellent and users have the option of streaming the sports of their choice. The links available on the website are secure. You can watch all the sports for free on the website. There is no need of any registration or subscription. You can find sports news and schedule on the website.


SportSurge is a website where you can watch and stream any sport of your choice. The site is currently available in beta mode and the content available is illegal. These are some of the reasons that people like to look for alternatives where they can watch and stream their favorite sports legally.

Updated on: 07-Jun-2023

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