Speed Skating - Variants

Speed Skating is mostly played for recreation and amusement. Different types of variations in the sport are given in brief.

Ice Dance

It is a skating sport consisting a man and a woman. Couples must spin as a team like a dance holding each other. In this variant, jumps and throws are not allowed. Typically, more than a separation of two arms is not supposed to be attained by the dancers.

Short Track

A Short Track is of 111 meters with more safety precautions like guards etc. Both men and women can take active participation in this sport. It is a racing event of minor distances with more safety precautions.

Long Track

A Long Track is of 400 meters in the first stage with fewer guards and suit armours considered to short track. It is also for both men and women, but the distance to be covered by women is less than that of men. Time is the deciding factor of the winner. In this sport, the suit with less guards will be used.