Solidity - For Loop

The for loop is the most compact form of looping. It includes the following three important parts −

  • The loop initialization where we initialize our counter to a starting value. The initialization statement is executed before the loop begins.

  • The test statement which will test if a given condition is true or not. If the condition is true, then the code given inside the loop will be executed, otherwise the control will come out of the loop.

  • The iteration statement where you can increase or decrease your counter.

You can put all the three parts in a single line separated by semicolons.

Flow Chart

The flow chart of a for loop in Solidity would be as follows −

For Loop


The syntax of for loop is Solidity is as follows −

for (initialization; test condition; iteration statement) {
   Statement(s) to be executed if test condition is true


pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

contract SolidityTest {
   uint storedData; 
   constructor() public{
      storedData = 10;   

   function getResult() public view returns(string memory){
      uint a = 10; 
      uint b = 2;
      uint result = a + b;
      return integerToString(result); 

   function integerToString(uint _i) internal pure 
      returns (string memory) {
      if (_i == 0) {
         return "0";
      uint j=0;
      uint len;
      for (j = _i; j != 0; j /= 10) {  //for loop example
      bytes memory bstr = new bytes(len);
      uint k = len - 1;
      while (_i != 0) {
         bstr[k--] = byte(uint8(48 + _i % 10));
         _i /= 10;
      return string(bstr);//access local variable

Run the above program using steps provided in Solidity First Application chapter.


0: string: 12
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