Social Learning - Conclusion

Social learning has been with us ever since the beginning, and now we are looking to use greater and newer advances in technology to use this skill in a much better manner. By tapping on to the experiences from person to person, we can build a well-connected system that provides learning in a very personal way, in a way that wasn’t ever possible before.

In this tutorial, we have outlined how continuous a process is social learning, and how technology-mediated social learning is going to be the future of many specialized trainings. There will be many companies that will be embracing these advances to impart optimized training to their employees.

By the end of this decade, we would have sampled reports from different software applications that are operating on the concept of social learning, and gauging their performance levels and efficiency, but if initial reports are anything to go by, we are looking forward to an extremely interactive, personal and exciting way of learning that combines our natural desire of learning to the enormous power that technology brings.