SL4A - Development Environment

This chapter details the procedure to set up your development environment. It also discusses how to configure your device to use SL4A.

Development Environment

You must download and install several pre-requisites before you can start developing with SL4A.

Java Development Kit (JDK)

To begin with, you should have a recent version of JDK (JDK 5 or upwards) installed on your system.

To confirm that a compatible version of the JDK installed available to the environment, execute the following on the command line or console terminal, as follows −

$javac –version 
$java –version

Note − Set the PATH environment variable to jdk/bin folder


It is likely that Python is installed on Mac OS X and Linux, by default. Windows OS, by default, does not have Python installed. Python can be downloaded from

Once installed, modify your Windows path to add the Python directory.

To verify if Python is installed on your system, open the terminal window and enter Python.

Administrator CMD file

The only additional file that one needs to download is the file. Include a copy of this file under /Lib/site-packages in the Python installation directory. This file includes python modules for Android development. File

Android SDK

A number of tools are provided with the Android SDK. The first step is to download the appropriate install file for your operating system. Installers for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows are available. The SDK installer can be found at

Android SDK Tool

The development environment discussed here is Windows. Google provides a zip file and an executable to install SDK on Windows.

Installing Eclipse on a Development Machine

Eclipse was developed as an extensible, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) written in Java language. It requires an installation of Java to work. Eclipse comes in many flavors − Classic, Galelio, Luno, Mars, Neon, etc.

It is distributed in a single .zip file. All you have to do is unpack the program contents. The extracted folder has an Eclipse.exe file. Double click the file to start the program.

Eclipse.exe File
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