Six Sigma - Key Elements

There are three key elements of Six Sigma Process Improvement −

  • Customers
  • Processes
  • Employees

The Customers

Customers define quality. They expect performance, reliability, competitive prices, on-time delivery, service, clear and correct transaction processing and more. This means it is important to provide what the customers need to gain customer delight.

The Processes

Defining processes as well as defining their metrics and measures is the central aspect of Six Sigma.

In a business, the quality should be looked from the customer's perspective and so we must look at a defined process from the outside-in.

By understanding the transaction lifecycle from the customer's needs and processes, we can discover what they are seeing and feeling. This gives a chance to identify weak areas with in a process and then we can improve them.

The Employees

A company must involve all its employees in the Six Sigma program. Company must provide opportunities and incentives for employees to focus their talents and ability to satisfy customers.

It is important to Six Sigma that all the team members should have a well-defined role with measurable objectives.