ServiceNow - Mastering and Certification

ServiceNow is an enterprise cloud ecosystem, which has revolutionised the way ITSM is implemented within the organisation. Due to its flexibility, better quality, improved productivity and easy integration, it is in very much demand.

Our ServiceNow tutorial, should have given you a strong base and sufficient knowledge to start your journey as a ServiceNow professional. You can start creating new applications in your developer instances, for hypothetical use cases, because hands on is very necessary, to grasp each and every topic and to build good understanding on each topic.

You have two career options in the field of ServiceNow, which are as follows −

  • ServiceNow developer

  • ServiceNow administrators

Although having a specialisation in administration or development is very beneficial. Many organisations prefer to hire resources having knowledge of both fields. We have tried to cover the important concepts of both administration and development in this tutorial.

However, you can gain more proficiency by going through ServiceNow documentations. ServiceNow has organised the documentation of their products very systematically and you can refer to it, using this link .

Next thing, we want to highlight is that, you can showcase your ServiceNow skills through ServiceNow certification. To earn a ServiceNow certification, it is mandatory to complete the ServiceNow paid training first and post which, you will receive a free certification voucher.

ServiceNow have divided the certifications in four main categories, which are as follows −

  • Certified implementation specialist (CIS)

  • Certified application developer (CAD)

  • Certified application specialist (CAS)

You can find more details on ServiceNow certifications and ServiceNow authorised training partners on this URL,