Sample questions for ITIL Foundation Course

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the framework that is designed to standardize the planning, selection, and delivery of IT services to a business. The goal of ITIL is to improve efficiency and also achieve predictable goals or targets. An ITIL enables an IT professional to be a business service partner, not just back-end support.

ITIL Foundation Examination

  • It is a closed book examination.

  • It consists of 40 questions.

  • Each question has multiple choices.

  • One mark is allotted for the correct answer.

  • The duration of the exam is one hour.

  • One has to score 65% of the marks to pass the examination i.e minimum 26 questions must be answered out of 40.

  • For a web-based exam the results will be immediate and for paper-based exams, the results will be available within three working days.

  • Since it is an IT based certification examination, all the questions are related to the management activities or questions related to the IT department.

  • Candidates will only be tested on the ITIL framework.

  • Anyone can attempt this certification examination as it is self-study and one need to purchase prep materials.

  • No training or any sort of experience is required to attempt the examination.

  • Let us look into some sample questions.

1. What is responsible for carrying out the activities of procedure?

a) Service manager

b) Change manager

c) Process owner

d) Process Practitioner.

2. The function that is responsible for monitoring activities and events in IT infrastructure?

a) Capacity Management

b) IT operations management

c) incident management

d) Service level management

The syllabus of ITIL exam mainly focuses on Service Management as a practice, the ITIL service lifecycle and the key principles and models.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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