Sales Planning Tutorial

Sales Planning Tutorial

Sales Planning is a key function in the procedure of sales management process. It is an effective process that involves strategy, sales forecasting, corresponding demand management, setting profit-based sales targets, the written and execution steps of a sales plan. A sales plan contains a strategic document that figures out your business targets and several resources. These can be used for some activities which you perform to reach your desired goal. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to carry out a successful Sales Planning.


This tutorial is designed for those salespersons, who want to know the process of organizing the activities, so that they can achieve their business goals. It covers all the important areas that are needed to get a general idea on Sales Planning. Those of you who are newly-appointed sales managers will hopefully get a much-needed insight into the world of sales and its planning.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are expected to have a prior knowledge of how Sales and Marketing teams work in a corporate environment. It would help if you have an elementary knowledge of how sales plans are formulated and how they are executed.