Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey Tutorial

Roller hockey is a type of sport which is played on dry surfaces like wood, cement or sports tile using wheeled skates. It has many similarities with ice hockey and is mostly played in warmer climates. Based on the rules and strategies as well as the equipment used, there are two types of roller hockey categories namely Quad hockey and Inline Hockey. This tutorial provides all the basics of what a reader would need to know about Roller Hockey.


As roller hockey has lots of similarities with ice hockey, the readers who love ice hockey can get the same thrill and excitement from this game. A person, who has good skating skills can learn and enjoy this game.

This tutorial will help in learning the basic rules and playing techniques of this game. It contains step-by-step descriptions as well as picture illustrations wherever needed.


For a complete layman, this is not an easy sport that can be learnt easily as lots of prerequisite stuffs are needed in order to play this game. The very basic as well as primary requirement of the game is skating. Player needs extreme physical strength in order to skate with great speed while changing directions very rapidly during the game.

Players have to play while maintaining their balance on the skates. A player must have good upper body strength in order to play harder shots and pass the ball. Players need explosive muscle power and aerobatic fitness in order to accelerate and move quickly.