Roles and Responsibilities of Cyber Security Professionals

This sector for IT professionals has become the most vital part of taking care of. So let's begin with the fact that you want to buy an item or any other product online because of your choice, so you go to the online e-commerce website. When you add that list to the wish list, the website will ask for your details to save your items, make an account on their website, or call it a web store. Firstly, it might ask you to provide connection mail, phone number, or any social media account after your account is created. Have you ever thought about where this gets saved?

What is Database?

A database is a storehouse for millions of users' credentials and computing. And the database is a systematic collection of information or data stored and accessed electronically. Small databases can be stored in the file system, while large databases are to be kept in cloud storage. The blueprint of databases is in formal techniques and practical considerations, including efficient data representation, data modeling, storage, query languages, security and privacy of sensitive data, supporting concurrent access, and fault tolerance.

What is DBMS?

A database management system or DBMS is software that interacts with the end user, applications, and the database. It helps to capture and analyze the data. The entire database, the DBMS, and the associated applications can refer to as a database system. It is the governing body and the brain of any procedure related to this online world. The term "database" is often used loosely to refer to any DBMS, the database system, or an associated application. Have you ever thought about what will happen if your database gets leaked? In this 21st century, this is the most dangerous threat a person might have to the users or a community. These attacks are of various types, like phishing attacks and malware attacks.

Types of Cyber Attacks

There are wide varieties of cyber-attacks that happen in the world today. So the system must be secured, and using white hat hackers and many other digital technologies have made it easier to identify the attacks. We have listed some of the well-known threats below;

Phishing Attack

Many hackers have actively used this attack, sending you an email of any e-commerce website where you have created an account and shared your mail id or phone number. They might send you an offer coupon that might want to get your other details, your transaction process, and your further sensitive information.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

In this attack, the hacker has access to both the database and the user's detail so that it will get the user's Ip address. By doing this, the hacker will get all the details of the user connected to that server, which commonly happens with an unsecured Wi-Fi network and a malware attack.

Password Attack

It is the most undisputed system to hack the user-id of any person. And this is done by matching a pre-set numeric or alphabetic order set of passwords to breach the system. Cyber security has changed to tackle this type of attack by using the passwords to be saved in a hybrid alphabetic numeric and special symbols. People also use various antiviruses, hardware-protected systems, and honey pots (dummy computers).

It was a single user's story of getting attacked by threats. Still, look at the more significant part of the story. These attacks will be hazardous and fatal if done on the big company's web database. And the web network, the main motives of these attacks are to get the company's crucial data and monetary money. This is where the role of cyber securities role begins.

Cyber Security's Roles

  • Ethical hackers − They find out the vulnerability of the servers, and they also find out the ways to resolve those problems.

  • Security Architect − Chief Information Officer (CISO) has a crucial role in securing the whole network of the company's servers.

  • Security Assessor − They create security risk management plan, perform security reviews, and identify gaps in security architecture to tackle security threats.

  • Security Engineer − The job is to keep a company's security systems up and to run. It involves implementing and testing new security features, analyzing the chances of any threat, maintaining the note of the testing done with the system, planning computer and network upgrades, troubleshooting, and responding to security incidents.


Recently, there have been many security breaches and many other attacks on the system. Still, those have been deflected and stopped only by cyber security specialists of this era with modern technology and advanced features. Many people are still accustomed to the outdated paper and pen format of storing data. Still, they prefer that system over this online platform only because of these attacks due to these recent years. Though cyber specialist has been stopping and trying to advance in protecting the system, we need to actively work on this system in the fast-moving future