RIOT.JS - Overview

RIOT.js is a very small size/lightweight Web Component based UI library to develop web-applications. It combines the benefits of React.JS and Polymer with very concise implementation and simple constructs to learn and use. It minified version is nearly of 10KB size.

Following are the key features of RIOT.js

Expression Bindings

  • Very small payload during DOM updates and reflows.

  • Changes propagates downwards from parent tags to children tags/controls.

  • Uses pre-compiled expressions and cache them for high performance.

  • Provides good constrol over lifecycle events.

Follows Standards

  • No proprietary event system

  • No dependency on any polyfill libraries.

  • No extra attributes added to existing HTML.

  • Integrates well with jQuery.

Core values

RIOT.js is developed considering the following values.

  • Simple and minimalistic.

  • Easy to learn and implement.

  • Provide Reactive Views to build user interfaces.

  • Provide Event Library to build APIs with independent modules.

  • To take care of application behaviour with browser back button.