Represent Int64 as a Octal string in C#

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To reprsent Int64 as a Octal string in C#, use the ToString() method and set the base as the ToString() method’s second parameter i.e. 8 for Octal.

Int64 represents a 64-bit signed integer.

Firstly, set an Int64 variable.

long val = 986766;

Now, convert it to octal string by including 8 as the second parameter.

Convert.ToString(val, 8)


 Live Demo

using System;
class Demo {
   static void Main() {
      long val = 986766;
      Console.WriteLine("Long: "+val);
      Console.Write("Octal String: "+Convert.ToString(val, 8));


Long: 986766
Octal String: 3607216
Published on 14-Sep-2018 12:23:22