Replace a C# array with a new array of different size

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To replace a C# aray with a new array, use the Array.Resize.

Withing that, set the size of the new array −

Array.Resize<char>(ref arr, 4);

Now add the new elements to the array as shown below −


 Live Demo

using System;
class Program {
   static void Main() {
      char[] arr = new char[5];
      arr[0] = 'J';
      arr[1] = 'A';
      Array.Resize<char>(ref arr, 4);
      // Set value for new elements
      arr[2] = 'C';
      arr[3] = 'K';
      Console.WriteLine("Updated Array : "+ new string(arr));


Updated Array : JACK
Updated on 22-Jun-2020 13:53:43