Redux - Installation

Before installing Redux, we have to install Nodejs and NPM. Below are the instructions that will help you install it. You can skip these steps if you already have Nodejs and NPM installed in your device.

  • Visit and install the package file.

  • Run the installer, follow the instructions and accept the license agreement.

  • Restart your device to run it.

  • You can check successful installation by opening the command prompt and type node -v. This will show you the latest version of Node in your system.

  • To check if npm is installed successfully, you can type npm –v which returns you the latest npm version.

To install redux, you can follow the below steps −

Run the following command in your command prompt to install Redux.

npm install --save redux

To use Redux with react application, you need to install an additional dependency as follows −

npm install --save react-redux

To install developer tools for Redux, you need to install the following as dependency −

Run the below command in your command prompt to install Redux dev-tools.

npm install --save-dev redux-devtools

If you do not want to install Redux dev tools and integrate it into your project, you can install Redux DevTools Extension for Chrome and Firefox.